Competition for awards for caricatures and aphorism, Delcevo 2015, Rep. Macedonia

Based on article 55 from Statute of Delcevo municipality (“Official gazette of Municipality of Delcevo” 12/06), the Commission for organiz...

Based on article 55 from Statute of Delcevo municipality (“Official gazette of Municipality of Delcevo” 12/06), the Commission for organizing events and cultural manifestations within Municipality of Delcevo, on the occasion of International festival of caricature and aphorism “Drinker 2015”, announces:
C o m p e t i t i o n
For awards for caricatures and aphorism on subject “Watch out! A human!”
1. Call for caricature and aphorism on subject “Watch out! A human!” is open to authors from Macedonia and abroad, according following criteria:
• Art works to be original, not marked, black-white or in color;
• Art works to be encoded – code written on the back side of art work, and in separate envelope to deliver following data (name, surname, address and e-mail of author);
• Each author sends a set of 10-15 aphorisms;
• It is allowed to participate with maximum three art works;
• The authors in the category of caricature can participate in any number of caricatures;
• Maximum size of caricatures A3 or A4.
2. The most successful authors in the category aphorism and caricature category will be awarded the following awards:
• golden plaque;
• silver plaque;
• bronze plaque.
3. Jury for this occasion will decide for the awards.
4. Detailed information about this call:
Mr. Mile Gjorgijoski, telephone 00389 70 382 189, е-mail: .
5. All received aphorisms / caricatures become ownership of the organizer.
6. Deadline for submission of aphorisms / caricatures: 12.05.2015 (Tuesday).
7. The results will be published on 20.05.2015
8. Aphorisms / caricatures to be delivered on following address:
Municipality of Delcevo
„Svetozar Markovik” 1, 2320 Delcevo
Republic of Macedonia
Reference: Open call on subject: „Watch out! A human!“
Municipality of Delcevo
Commission for organizing of events
and cultural manifestations
Delchevo, 06.04.2015
Source: blog.zikison.

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