Yasser Gaessa

Yasser Gaessa 14/3/1970 Worked as a editor in chief for- -Nona magazine(monthly children magazine) from May 2007 to October 2009 -...

Yasser Gaessa

Worked as a editor in chief for-
-Nona magazine(monthly children magazine)
from May 2007 to October 2009

-Hayah magazine (monthly magazine)
from March 2005 to September 2005
worked as an  ART  CONSULTANT for the famous children magazine SAMIR (DAR EL HELAL)
 (2002 to 2003 ).

Worked as a cartoonist in
“Koul el Nass” magazine. 1993 to 1995
“Carticatur” magazine . 1994 to 1996
“Lamssa” magazine. 1994 to 1995
“Farh” magazine. 1995 to 1996
“Oyom Gadeda” magazine. 1995 to 1996
“Cairo’s Magazine. 1994 to 1998
“Al Majalla” magazine. “London”. 1995 to 1998
“Night Life” magazine. 1995 to 1997
“El Ahram Weekly” newspaper. 1994 to 1995
Sabah El Kher magazine.1992 to  2003
Cairo Times magazine.1999 to 2004
Cairo Post ” newspaper. 1999 to 2000
El Morakeb newspaper. 2001 to 2003

Designed and drew comic strips for
“Goundey El Mostakable” magazine “Kuwait”.
“Al Arabey El Saagher” magazine “Kuwait”
“Alaa El Deen” magazine.
“Kernass” magazine.

Produced more than 60 book illustrations for the following publishers.
Dar El Shourouq, Hoopoe Books, Dar El Maaref.
Atfaalna  and  Manaheg...
Produced book illustrations for Green Com International.
Designed a cartoon character for the “Gemeni Studio”
Designed a cartoon character for the shopping mall (Dary).
Designed a cartoon character for Family Land.
Directed 4 animation movies for the company (Nouvartis).
Made several paintings for several Nile boats.
Made several paintings for the British Council.
Made the paintings for gallery “La Maison Riche”.
Made the paintings for the gallery “Le Salon”.

Worked as an Art Director in “Icon Studio”. 1998 – 2000
( Special Effects , Cartoons & Printing ).
Worked as an Art Director in “Ramoh Studio” 2000 – 2001
( Special Effects , Cartoons & Web Development ).
Worked in the “creative team“ for Intermarkets company.
 Graduated from the faculty of fine arts-graphic and cartoon section 1993-Helwan University.
Designed and drew many posters, cartoons and storyboards for the
following companies.
Environmental quality International (E.Q.I).
Impact BBDO, Tumoh Gallery, Studio, Vision Egypt, Liena, Creative Culture, Intermarkets. D.D.B.  , M.C.R.
Fortune Promoseven, Masters Group, Saatchi & Saatchi,
A.R Publication Design Center and Taraneem Gallery.

Syndicate of plastic art – Cairo.
The Egyptian Cartoonist Club – Cairo.
Syndicate of the Egyptian Journalists – Cairo.
Syndicate of the International Journalists.
The Federation of European Cartoonists Organizations. (FECO).
Local and Private Exhibitions.
Two private exhibitions in the Faculty of Fine Arts, 1991, 1992.
The general students exhibitions in the hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993.
Private exhibitions in (Regoletto) Zamalek, 1996.
FECO General Exhibition: Egyptian cartoonists and the European cartoonists in the gallery of the British Council, 1997.  (political cartoons)
The International Simavi Cartoon Competition in Turkey, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1996.
The Biennale of Humor in Fredrikstad (Norway), 1990.
The International Salon of Caricature (CVORAK) CROATIA, 1996.

In addition , participated in several festivals and competitions in :
Turkey. Japan, Russia,Italy and Belgium.

News: Second international cartoon contest and exhibition, Norway 2017


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