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Toons Mag is a great website because on it, we see a lot of cartoons and cartoonists from around the world in very interesting galleries....

Toons Mag is a great website because on it, we see a lot of cartoons and cartoonists from around the world in very interesting galleries. This website is regularly updated with world events and contest results. Toons Mag is a genuine instrument of freedom of expression. Congratulations to Arifur Rahman for promoting cartoons and cartoonists.
Bernard Bouton Cartoonist. France
About Bernard Bouton
Since I began collaborating with Toons Mag, I have felt right at home. The magazine has accepted me without condition. Every week, they publish the four strips of Wences that I send punctually. I am very happy and encouraged to continue working with Toons Mag because the magazine respects my work so much. Toons Mag is sure to continue growing.
Arcadio Esquivel Comic Artist. Costa Rica
Read Wences Comic
Arifur Rahman, I would like to congratulate you on creating a remarkable and amazing magazine just for people who admire cartooning. I wish you huge success in your future efforts to become better and better every day. After all, in my opinion, your magazine has the best review of world cartoon contests, exhibitions, and news. Thank you also for that privilege. The pleasure to collaborate with you and your magazine is all mine.
Borislav STANKOVIC –STABOR Political Cartoonist, Serbia
Since I have been publishing on Toons Mag, I have been very satisfied with the high level of tolerance and freedom I experience. The people running this magazine are doing a great job. I love Toons Mag.
Tarek Benbaba Cartoonist. Morocco
Tarek Benbaba's Cartoon
Toons Mag is a complete, online magazine about the world of cartoon, caricature, and comic. Here you can also find the most important contemporary graphic artists.
Walter Toscano Painter, Caricaturist, Illustrator. Peru
About Walter Toscano
I really want to say that Toons Mag’s encouragement to cartoonists is very interesting and great. I’ve never seen an online website like Toons Mag. This is a very good online magazine with international cartoon contest news, contest results, and full information.
Vemula Rajamouli Freelance Cartoonist. India
About Vemula Rajamouli
Toons Mag is a vital and necessary information page on humor. It has several sections with galleries and news for all artists and graphic designers. It is an outstanding news organization that all cartoonists and journalists appreciate.
Francisco Punal Suárez
Journalist. Spain
A handy and functional website. It adorns the global community with caricatures. Here’s hope to a long life!
Yiannis Kaltsas Coordinator of International Cartoon Festival on Ymittos Cartoonexhibition.org Greece
Arifur Rahman, I respect that you have taken it upon yourself to send positive messages through cartoons, criticism, and humor, which is difficult these days. I absolutely support you on this journey without regret.
Emil Strniša
Cartoonist. Croatia
About Emil Strniša
Toons Mag is always more and more fun for me!
Roberto Castillo Rodriguez
tOOns MaG Reader.
Havana, Cuba
Drawing for tOOns MaG is like coming home.
Paolo Morelli ("Pablito")
Journalist, writer and satirist. Italy
If promoting ‘Freedom of Expression’ is the philosophy of tOONns MaG then it is good enough for me!
John Kennedy
Cartoonist. Ireland (now living in exile)
John's Cartoon
Toons Mag is a major magazine with online graphic humor. The cartoon is respected and admired around the world. We need publications like this to enhance the value of cartoonists and the labor market. A great showcase! I am grateful to participate in the issues.
JBosco Azevedo
Cartoonist. Brazil
About JBosco Azevedo
Toons Mag is a communications portal. Over time, it has become a space for humor and cultural expression. It is also an extremely important center for information for the professional. Toons Mag is an information portal with opinions and much more. It’s sure to continue informing us, making us smile, and reminding us of what a wonderful world we have.
Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa
Cartoonist. Portugal
I have been contributing cartoons to Toons Mag for quite some time now. I found this site very helpful for people like me, who would like to showcase their work for the world to see. Another aspect I would like to stress is that cartoonists like me can find information about cartoon contests, their results, and world news. Another plus about the website is that the uploading process is very easy. I wish Toons Mag all the best and more and more growth in the coming years.
Tvg Menon
Cartoonist. India
Tvg Menon's Cartoon
Toons Mag breaks borders between people. It develops a virtual, common space full of inspiration, creativity, love, friendship, and sharp humor. It creates a platform to discuss problem topics openly and constructively. Art helps unite people throughout the world.
Olga Lavrenteva
Comic Artist. Russia
What I like about Toons Mag is that it has freely accepted my freedom of expression. Through brainstorming cartoon ideas on drawing pages, it has brought me closer to cartoonists I never knew existed. To me, Toons Mag is a galaxy of cartoonists that share their thoughts. It has made me grow in terms of creativity.
Simon Nsaka
Cartoonist. Zambia
Our road with Toons Mag intersected with the 2016 International Caricature Exhibition of which I am coordinator. As I am not a caricaturist, and have never coordinated an exhibition before, I had no idea about the online magazines and associations. I found Toons Mag online by chance and am very impressed. I immediately sent an email to the Toons Mag editor, Arifur, about our exhibition. After Arifur published our invitation, many caricaturists from all over the world began to send in their exhibitions. I didn’t know it was such an influential magazine! I am very thankful for Arifur and Toons Mag. I have made the perfect contact without knowing it. I wish for continued success to Toons Mag. It is a wonderful resource for the cartoon and caricature world!
Aslı Delikara
Caricature Exhibition Coordinator. Turkey
Nice looking, well organized and probably the most informed non commercial cartoons site on the web.
Predrag Srbljanin
Cartoonist . Serbia
Read aout Predrag
For me, toonsmag is a very useful site that support and promote "freedom of speech", one of the essential needs for human. Its very useful and promote cartoonists around the globe.
Yunus Erlangga
Cartoonist . Indonesia
Read aout Yunus
I like Toons Mag because it contains content in many languages, especially Arabic. Professional Arab cartoonists are published as well as high-level global cartoonists. I like the freedom of expression that Toons Mag provides as well as the “draw here” section.
Samira Saeed Badawy
Freelance cartoonist & translator . Egypt
Samira's Cartoon

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