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Emilio Isca



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EMILIO ISCA  Born in Turin (ITALY) in 1937. Cartoonist, art director, publisher, writer. He created and had been directing for two years the humor and satire magazine  HELP!  He published, among other things PROFESSIONE UMORISTA, POCHE IDEE MA CONFUSE, BLA, BLA, BLA, TUTTA UN’ALTRA MUSICA, CAMICI BIANCHI, L’UMORISCA, RISATELLUM, SALDI DI STAGIONE, HUMORALIA, and BLACKOUT. He writes comedy acts for the theatre and the cabaret. He is the art director of the exhibitions HUMORFESTIVAL, UMORISTI D.O.C., and SPORTHUMOR. Plenty of prizes. He has been the Italian President of FECO for ten years. All the rest is life.