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Joaquin Carrasquilla


I'm a caricature sculptor, cartoonist, editorial cartoonist and artist.

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Joaquin E. Carrasquilla Q. studied in the School Javier. Removing its degree in Sciences, Letters and Philosophy and in the University of Panama obtaining the degree in graphic design.

Since he was a child Joaquin loved Art, TV shows, cartoons, caricatures, comics and films. Always dreaming about someday being a part of the Hollywood creative players, that was a monumental dream considering he was based very far from there. For everyone in Panama that was a fairy tale at that time. When he still was an adolescent he saw the movie “Rocky”, becoming his credo; he understood that if you fight your obstacles in life to accomplish your goals and dreams, and with the help of God and in the right moment everything will be possible, that would be life to live with a lot of gratification and joy.

Since 1982 his Editorial cartoons appeared in the Newspaper La Prensa; interspersed with the ones that appeared in different moments in the weekly “Quiubo”, the Financial Gazette and the Daily Extra.

Later in 1988, Joaquin went to exile to Costa Rica, because of his caricatures against General Manuel Noriega Regime. His Noriega depiction was the most know and remembered icon of the General likeness.

In 1991, former Panama president Guillermo Endara sued Joaquin. All Panamanians, journalists and cartoonist join and support Joaquin’s cause, this was a worldwide news, since then, he became famous and a very establish personality in his country.

In 1993 publish his book with all his cartoons during the Panama military dictatorship.

Since 1994 Joaquin labors like cartoonist in the Panama America. As an editorial cartoonist he learned to come up with a good concept idea everyday for almost 12 years, this gave him the practice and made eve stronger the creativity to embrace future creative endeavors like screenwriting and comics storytelling.

He is also an independent producer of innovative advertising campaigns, besides he has worked for post-producing companies and as Creative and graphic designer for advertising agencies.

Later he has won among others prizes the Video Maxell contest and to international levels the Caribbean contests’92. April 1997 carries out an exhibition of sculptures in Costa Rica (week of the conservation of the nature), with the assistance of Hollywood actors. Later June 1997 he exhibits in “Planet Hollywood” -Beverly Hills, Los Angeles USA. Famous as Mr. Don Johnson, Whoopi Goldberg, Jay Leno, Nicholas Cage, among others acquired their “sculptures”.

In the year 2000 he establish the first feature Film Company in Panama. Then in the 2003 he finalizes the first feature film produced in Panama with international projection, “The Night”, also was a successful national event. Later in 2003, 2004 he presents the movie “The Night”, in the International festival of movies “Sitges”, Barcelona, and in the International Festival of movies of Bogotá, Colombia among others.

Prove of his work it’s all over the Internet, and his country testifies his journey and amazing work over the years, many times working with the little resources he had at the time, in a country where art and films are still with almost any support.

New books like “The Secret”, and documentaries like “What a Bleep do we know, down the rabbit hole”, has given him new direction and strength to accomplish his next goals.

Joaquin it’s a multitalented creative and artist who could embrace very successfully any of his expertise. Because of his renowned artistic personality in his country he’s working to build a bridge between Panamanian investors and the Hollywood industry for the benefit of all involved and his country.

Carrasquilla just finished the scripts of a two feature films; “ Touch Me Die ”, “The Pimp” now available for any production company or could be co-produce by Smiling People Films. Lately he keeps writing more scripts, drawing graphic novels, comics, sculptures and paintings.

Joaquin in his personal activities like regular exercise like weight lifting, partying in the night live, very known as very recognizable socialite in his country. He also likes outdoors activities as skiing, wave boarding, etc.

He just simply draws an amazing morning each and every day.