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Sharmin haque prima

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Dr. Sharmin Haque Prima is a dental surgeon. She has done BDS in 2015. She is now doing a master’s of public health at North South University.



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Hello. I am Dr. Sharmin Haque prima. I am a dental surgeon. I have done my BDS in 2015. I am now doing a master’s of public health at North-south University. I am also practicing my profession. But I am also an article writer in Toonsmag ( An international and world-first online cartoon magazine) which is owned by Arifur Rahman from Norway. Despite practicing dentistry, I always wanted to do something different. I love to write articles, love to draw cartoons, love to do designs. I have received awards as a presenter for poster presentation in Bangladesh academy of dental international (BADI). I always wanted to have a chance to show my talents but didn’t get the chance properly. But Toonsmag gave me the opportunity to show my talents in front of people. I have a little family of father, mother, and we are two sisters. My father’s name is Mr. Shajedul Haque, He is an accounts supervisor and my mother is Mrs. Nasrin Haque she is a housewife. My sister Shamim Haque Priya, she is a current student at North South University. My family is my motivation, my strength especially my mother. Today what I am just because of her. Because of her support I have become an article writer of this big international organization. Thank you for viewing my introduction.