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Industrial world

Industrial world, Cartoon by Latrache Yassin

Peek of the modern world

Peek of the modern world Cartoon by Ehsan Ganji, from Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Iran

World Energy Congress

World Energy Congress Cartoon by Hasan Bleibel, Lebanon

World History

World History Cartoon by Borislav STANKOVIC –STABOR, Belgrade, Serbia

World Pollution

World Pollution Cartoon by Borislav STANKOVIC –STABOR, Belgrade, Serbia

World Full Of Lemons By Surrealist Painter Vitaly Urzhumov

Vitaly Urzhumov started drawing early in his childhood. Later he studied art and design in Vladivostok, where he now lives. Urzhumov’s works are mainly...

World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day... It is observed today, on 10th September each year, to promote worldwide action to prevent suicides. So suicide is the theme for...

World Coconut Day

Today, the 2nd of September is the World Coconut Day...! Cartoon by Tvg Menon, ‎India

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