How Students of Leading US Universities Study Modern Cartoons

How Students of Leading US Universities Study Modern Cartoons

Cartoons have been used for many years to enhance teaching in universities. Learning the course is an entirely different thing. Many leading universities offer modern cartoon courses. It is a fine art discipline that combines visuals, storytelling, and entertainment. Students learn how to harness their skills, passion, and techniques for creating cartoons.

They use both hand-drawn and computer-generated sequential images. Animation courses differ widely, which require students to choose a specific field. Its different majors include multimedia, 3D, character design, and animation software. Career options include marketing, film, advertising, or gaming sectors.

How Students of Leading US Universities Study Modern Cartoons

Strategies for studying modern cartoons in universities

The cartoon field is wide, and how students study in one school differs from another. The curriculum may differ, but concepts do not change. The course is broken into several subjects, and each contains different topics. The main courses covered in the course include:

  • Motion graphics theory and practice
  • Science visualization
  • 2D and 3D computer animation
  • Storyboarding and the character design
  • Game art

Leading universities deliver the course in several modes. They are engaged in intensive lectures and seminars. After lectures, they are taken for practical and computer laboratory sessions. To build professional skills, students are required to take a placement course. The learner is required to spend more time on practical learning.

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How Students of Leading US Universities Study Modern Cartoons

Modern cartoons time frame and advanced studies

Undergraduate animation courses take four years to complete. This is regardless of the field a student wants to study. In each study year, learners are required to complete 120 credits. For example, a bachelor of science in animation course requires 24 modules. Some of them include the following:

  • Composing and editing
  • Scriptwriting
  • 3D animation
  • Gaming production
  • Multimedia
  • Basics of animation
  • Elements of information technology
  • Visual effects

Learners who want to study for a certificate, diploma, or foundation degree require two years. After graduation, graduates may decide to enroll for postgraduate degrees. A master’s degree takes two years, and a Ph.D. takes another two years.

The cartoons study process

Some of the major areas that students in leading universities study are the key processes. They include the steps of creating cartoons. It starts from developing a story to the final film.

  • The story process: A good cartoon movie is developed from an enticing story. If the story is wrong, the entire cartoon will be wrong. Learners study how to develop seamless flowing stories that are attractive.
  • The script process: Scripts are developed from stories. The story is developed into sequential words.
  • The concept art process: This is the first phase of developing a motion story. The developer may create concepts on paper or use computer applications. It is one of the most interesting steps.
  • The storyboard process: This is the pre-visualization phase of motion pictures. The student needs knowledge of motion graphics, animation, and interactive media. It is the phase where the creator allows others to view their story and make comments.
  • The animatic phase: From the storyboard, the movie version of the cartoon is developed. The developer edits the storyboard and adds effects and sounds. The characters are developed at this phase, and each gets their unique voice. The entire cartoon movie comes to life at this phase.
  • The fine-tuning phase: The cartoon film needs to be fine-tuned before being released to the public. The phase is also called the texturing or editing phase. Some storyboards could be replaced at this phase. The sound design and music could be changed at this point too.

How Students of Leading US Universities Study Modern Cartoons

Compared to theory sessions, practical sessions take more time. The study of modern cartoons requires an understanding of current trends. The students need to watch the latest animations and review their graphics. After graduation, graduates can work as animators, concept artists, or game artists. They may also work as game developers, VFX artists, or animation managers.


The study of modern cartoons in universities is a process that takes time. An undergraduate degree in animation takes four years to complete. Students learn how to combine visuals, stories, and entertainment. Learners need to develop a strong passion for harnessing their skills and techniques. The field is wide, and modules in one school differ from another.

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