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Toons Mag facts and figures

  • Toons Mag was started in 2009.
  • Today, Toons Mag exists in 7 languages across more than 50 thousand cartoons and articles.
  • Projects and programs made possible by the
  • Toons Mag Foundation reach more than 100 thousand devices a month
  • More than 500 cartoonists, authors, contributors to Toons Mag every month.
  • Toons Mag is read more than 1 million times every month.
  • Toons Mag sites are accessed by more than 100 thousand unique devices every month.
  • We don’t track unique visitors to Toons Mag sites because of our strong commitment to privacy.
  • We do have information about the number of unique devices that access Toons Mag and Toons Mag sites.