Emad Salehi's cartoon

Cartoon by: Emad Salehi, Iran

Mehdi Amini

Mehdi Amini Place/Date of birth:Afghanistan/1983 Contact: +91 82 85 029 863 Email : arch_ami...

Willem Rasing

Born on 14th of october 1954 in a middleclass town in the centre of Holland called Deventer. Afte...

Yasser Gaessa

Yasser Gaessa 14/3/1970 Worked as a editor in chief for- -Nona magazine(monthly children maga...

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Caricature by Walter Toscano

Walter Toscano

Painter, caricaturist, illustrator, performer, producer of handmade dolls and Peruvian poet. M...

Cival Einstein

Cival Einstein Cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator Published since 1999 and interests in ...

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