Karry Carrión

Julio Angel Carrión Cueva (KARRY) born in Lima -Perú. It began in the year 1980 producing animatio...

Tjeerd Royaards

Royaards, a Dutch cartoonist and illustrator currently living in Amsterdam. He is a self-taught ar...

JBosco Azevedo

J.Bosco a Brazilian cartoonist, working as Journalist, cartoonist and illustrator in the newspaper...

Chelo Candia

Cartoonist, Patagonia Argentina Chelo Allen was born in Heraklion cello and currently resides in f...

Biratan Porto

Ubiratan Nazareno Borges Porto (Biratan) is a professional cartoonist and a mandolin player. He...

Ben Heine

Benjamin Heine - was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 1983. I studied Graphic Arts and Journalism a...

El Luiso

Luiso was born in Salta, Argentina, January 3 /1973. It published in the Salta la Risa, Nada de Na...

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