Dogbert (3/11)



Occupation: Companion animal, business dog

Election years: 1992, 2008

Economic platform: “I promise to take money from the people who don’t vote for me and give it to the people who do.”

Dilbert’s villainous talking dog in the Scott Adams comic strip, Dogbert has made at least two runs for the presidency but devotes most of his energy to the business world, job-hopping among occupations like CEO, management consultant, investment banker, and tech support specialist. A return to the political arena would not be surprising, though. As he confessed in one 1999 strip, “I need a job where my immense ego seems normal.” See also: CEO deputy, Mohaqiq son killed his elder brother!


Written by Gustav Michalon

Gustav Michalon is a contributing writer of Toons Mag. He writes about cartoons and cartoonists.

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