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Step Cartoon, Featured, by Saman Torabi

So, how do you know what aspects to exaggerate?

Personally, I think it depends a lot on pushing the qualities we know and recognize to effectively communicate.

For example, think about what your face does when you smile. Your facial muscles likely move, which could affect the appearance of the eyelids. On the other hand, sad eyes might be partially closed or even tensed, if they are filled with tears.

As we discussed earlier, keep in mind that the eyelids “wrap around” the eye. They stretch and move, just like the other parts of the face. These aspects can also be exaggerated!


Written by Anto Mario

I am a staff correspondent of Toons Mag international. Mostly I write about the cartoon and comic related news. Keep reading.

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Step Cartoon, Featured, by Saman Torabi

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