Permission to attack Russia

Cartoon Permission to attack Russia

Permission to attack Russia

This cartoon depicts a tank approaching a fork in the road, highlighting the potential consequences of international military actions. The tank is labeled with a blue flag that reads “WEAPONS OF WESTERN COUNTRIES,” indicating it represents Western military aid or intervention.

Elements of the Cartoon:

The Fork in the Road:

  • Left Path: Marked with the ominous label “TO WW III,” suggesting that continued military escalation could lead to a global conflict, specifically World War III.
  • Right Path: Marked “TO RUSSIA,” indicating a direct confrontation or attack on Russia.


  • A striped yellow and black barrier arm blocks the path to Russia, symbolizing a checkpoint or a point of decision-making where the tank must stop before proceeding.


  • Positioned at the fork, facing the barrier. The tank’s presence and direction imply it is ready to move forward, pending the removal of the barrier.

Road and Background:

  • The road is depicted as a clean, simple pathway, emphasizing the choice at hand. The background is a gradient green, possibly symbolizing a relatively neutral or undeveloped field, focusing attention on the decision rather than the environment.


The cartoon critiques the escalation of military tensions between Western countries and Russia. It suggests that supplying weapons to conflicts involving Russia risks igniting a broader, potentially catastrophic war (World War III). The barrier symbolizes the critical decision point, highlighting the gravity of choosing to engage directly with Russia. This image serves as a cautionary commentary on the potential dangers of military intervention and the delicate balance required to avoid global conflict.

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