Pickled EARTH

cartoon Pickled EARTH

Pickled EARTH

Faulty developmental practices across the globe has resulted in severe climatic changes in the world. Heat waves and altered weather patterns in the many part of the world warns human civilization what’s in the store for our planet in the days ahead.

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Written by Nituparna Rajbongshi

Nituparna Rajbongshi is an Indian political and editorial cartoonist, mostly publishing cartoons through his website He is also a member and contributor of and Rajbongshi’s interest area includes political issues as well as anti-superstition, environmental, socio-economic, gender equality and edu-cultural subjects. He believes that cartoons are the voice of the common people and punches the evils of the society.
Born in 1982 at Sorbhog, Assam, India. Nituparna has been associated with cartooning since 1997. His cartoons have been published in various magazines, newspapers and e-media published from India as well as different parts of the world.

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