Afghan Women in captivity of terrorism!

Afghan Women in captivity of terrorism cartoon
Afghan Women in captivity of terrorism!

The situation of Afghan women under terrorism captivity is a concerning issue. Women in Afghanistan have long been subjected to discrimination, violence, and human rights abuses, including forced marriage, domestic violence, and restrictions on their education, employment, and mobility. Under Taliban rule, women’s rights were severely curtailed, and many women were subjected to public executions and other forms of violence.

Since the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan in 2021, there have been reports of women and girls being forced into marriage, denied access to education and employment, and subjected to other forms of violence and abuse. Women’s rights activists and journalists have been targeted for violence, and many have been forced to flee the country.

The international community has condemned these abuses and called for the protection of Afghan women and girls. Aid organizations and governments have provided assistance to those who have fled the country, and efforts are being made to support Afghan women and girls who remain in Afghanistan. However, the situation remains precarious, and it is important that the international community continues to advocate for the protection of Afghan women and girls and support their human rights.

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