Award Winning Cartoons About Women’s Rights


1. Marcin Bondarowicz, Poland; First Prize

2. Nenad Ostojic NEO, Croatia; Second  Prize

3. Reza Mokhtarjozani, USA; Third  Prize

4. Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz, Poland; Honorable Mention

5. Mikhail Zlatkovsky, Russia; Honorable Mention

6. Osama Hajjaj, Jordan; Honourable Mention

7. Sahar Ajami, Iran; Honourable Mention

8. Sajad Rafeei, Iran; Honourable Mention

9. Selói Peters, Brazil; Honourable Mention

10. Afri Diyansyah, Indonesia; Honourable Mention

11. Michel Kichka, Israel; Honourable Mention

12. Plantu, France; Honourable Mention

More information:
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3. Results of tOOns MaG International Cartoon contest 2016
4. Women Rights Catalog 2016

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