Colombian artist Fulvio Obregon, AKA Fulaleo, combined the old with the new in his collection of illustrations “Yo & Mi Otro Yo.” “Me & My Other Me” features old celebrities drawn next to their younger selves, often with one of them wearing a t-shirt or bearing a slogan highlighting or mocking their life’s achievements.

An ad showing a woman next to her younger self-was the inspiration for the project. Obregon’s work often features sarcastic and bizarre elements. He is most famous for his fat soccer (football) caricatures; their popularity spawned two more takes on the topic, spoofing the teams from Madrid and Barcelona.

1. Michael Jackson

2. Paul McCartney

3. Steve Jobs

4. Mick Jagger

5. Al Pacino

6. Robert De Niro

7. Bill Gates

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