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Best Pixar Short Animation Film You Need To See

Best Pixar Short Animation Film You Need To See

Since the 1980s, Pixar has helped usher in the use of computer graphic imagining in cartoons. Not only that, but they’ve pushed the boundaries and excelled in their craft, creating stunning feature-length films and garnering a huge fan base in the process. However, with their feature-length work, they’ve made it a priority to commit to making short films as well. Their shorts almost always appear before their feature films, and some of them are almost more memorable than the feature itself. So, with all the great shorts Pixar has put out over the years, which are at the top? Here is the Best Pixar Short Animation Film You Need To See.

#1 George and AJ a Pixar Short Animation Film

George and A.J. was a bit of a departure for Pixar, being a hand-drawn cartoon rather than computer imaging. It tells the story of the nurses who came to take Carl Fredricksen from UP to a nursing home and their life after witnessing Carl flying away in his house with balloons.

    #3 Mater and the Ghostlight, Pixar Aniamton

    Mater and the Ghostlight aren’t exactly Pixar’s finest short. It’s actually one of two shorts that weren’t nominated for an Academy Award. However, it was directed by John Lasseter, the founder of Pixar, so that has to count for something. It’s also a relatively humorous short and if you or your kids are a fan of the Cars franchise, you’ll have to check this one out.

      #5 Jack Jack Attack, Animation by Pixar Studios

      Jack Jack Attack, At the end of the movie The Incredibles, you might recall hearing a bunch of voicemails from the babysitter talking about Jack-Jack having “special needs.” Well, in the short Jack-Jack Attack, we get to see exactly what happened. It’s a silly little short, showing Jack-Jack finding his baby powers and terrorizing his babysitter. Jack Jack Attack, Short Animation by Pixar Studios.

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