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Best Pixar Short Animation Film You Need To See

#21 La luna by Pixar in 2011

La luna: Following the child “Bambino” on a midnight sailing journey with his father and grandfather, La Luna is a particularly magical short by Pixar and from director Enrico Casarosa. The story highlights the conflicts between father and son. Casarosa himself stated the idea of the story came from his own childhood by sea in Genoa, Italy. La luna Animated Short Film by Pixar in 2011

    #24 Piper – Disney Pixar – Oscar winning Short Movie

    Piper is a gorgeous, photo-realistic Academy Award-winning short film by Pixar that continues to blow us away. Putting this next to their first short film truly shows how far they’ve come and realizes the potential of computer imaging. It’s about a tiny bird on a beach shore desperately trying to get food under the water but struggles with it. It’s a must-watch short film.

      #25 Lou aka Lost and Found – Pixar Short Film

      Lou is one of their most recent short films in 2017, LOU, which comes from three letters in “Lost and Found,” played before Cars 3 and follows a bully being antagonized by a pile of items in the lost and found. Eventually, Lou comes to better understand the bully and the bully realizes what he needs to do to make things better again. It tackles issues kids tend to deal with such as bullying and feeling invisible. "Lou" a Pixar Animation Short Film

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