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Best Pixar Short Animation Film You Need To See

#6 Red’s Dream 1987 by Pixar

Red’s Dream was another early Pixar short, and you can tell. Lasseter and his team are clearly feeling out their creative process and how far computer imaging can take them. It’s a good short to see the early beginnings of Pixar. Red's Dream short animation 1987 by Pixar.

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      #7 Boundin – Pixar Studios Animated Short Film

      Boundin animation About a dancing sheep that gets sheered by a man driving down the road and suddenly becomes self-conscious, Boundin’ has all the early Pixar charm and a nice moral to the story to go with it. Supposedly, the car that drives down the road is Stanley from Cars.

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          #8 Day and Night by Pixar Animation Studios

          Day and Night by Pixar Animation was released in theaters before Toy Story 3, the Pixar short Day & Night playfully combines hand-drawn animation with CGI to tell the story of the benefits of things happening during the day and during the night. Two characters get to see each other’s worlds and enjoy them together.

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              #9 Geri’s Game (1997) by Pixar Animation

              Geri's Game, Created in 1997 after Toy Story, the idea behind Geri’s Game is fairly simple. Geri plays a chess game by himself, switching seats each time he makes a move. However, it turns to the comedic when Geri tries to cheat and swindle himself in the game. Geri's Game by Pixar Animation.

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                  #10 The Legend of Mor’du

                  The Legend of Mor'du

                  The Legend of Mor’du appeared on the Brave DVD/Blu-ray release, and it’s a short detailing the backstory of the black bear villain in Brave. If you weren’t really sure what the deal was with the black bear in Brave, then this short will help you out. The Legend of Mor'du Animated by Pixar.

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