O book! O book!!
How do you manage to always steal my heart?
Never say me no
Always there for me in all my goods n bads
So I always wait to have you in my hands

My best friend
Why don’t you ever fight with me?
I wonder at times it would have been what if you would fight with me
Talking with your penner
Gives me soothing effect at the centre

Sometimes you’re tall n thiny as a palm
At the others short n heavy as a bush
Yet I love you in every form n way
You protect me from the scoldings from mom dad
N seeing me with you they get glad

I never like to share you with anyone
Coz I know you’re just mine and mine
Those eyes of yours at the top, invisible to others
But visible to me make me the happiest
N so do that helps me to tease everyone

My staunchest old chap
I can never have enough of you
Always wanting to have more and most
My buddy in loneliness and happiness
Did ya ever get tired of me?
You not just entertain me, but also enlighten me

My power house of knowledge
You’re the only one whose power never goes
More thanks to Shakespeare and Tagore for jotting so great
For us to enjoy our fate

Dear Magic
Your magic really touches me
And I never want to let that magic go away from me
You stick to me so badly
That I never want to turn the last page so gladly!

Shall keep loving you for good.

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