Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic “Invincible”

Cory Walker

Cory Walker: In the world of comic books, the names of writers and artists often go hand in hand, forming creative partnerships that bring iconic characters to life. Among the talented artists who have significantly impacted the industry is Cory Walker, an American comic book penciler known for his exceptional work on the beloved series “Invincible.” With writer Robert Kirkman, Walker co-created this superhero pastiche published by Image Comics in 2003. His artistic contributions have played an integral role in shaping the world of “Invincible.” In this article, we will explore the life and career of Cory Walker, his collaborations with Robert Kirkman, and the enduring appeal of “Invincible.”

Cory Walker

Born 1980
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller


Cory Walker is an American comic book artist known for his work as a penciler on the Image Comics’ series Invincible, which he co-created with writer Robert Kirkman. With Kirkman, he also collaborated on several comics for Image and Marvel Comics. In 2020, he was revealed to be the lead designer of the Invincible animated series.


Image Comics

  • Superpatriot: America’s Fighting Force #1–4 (2002)
  • Invincible #1–7, 25, 50, 66–67, 85–86, 93–96, 100, 127–132, 144 (2003–2018)
  • Battle Pope #9–10 (2006)
  • Science Dog #1–2, 25 (2010–11, 2020)

Marvel Comics

  • Spider-Man Unlimited (Vol. 3) #4 (2004)
  • Marvel Team-Up #14, 19 (2005, 2006)
  • I Heart Marvel: Web of Romance #1 (2006)
  • The Irredeemable Ant-Man #7–8 (2007)
  • The Punisher War Journal (Vol. 2) #13 (2007)
  • Destroyer MAX #1–5 (2007)

DC Comics

  • Shadowpact #3, 6 (2006)

Additional Information

Cory Walker is an American comic book artist and penciler from Phoenix, Arizona. He is the co-creator of the superhero pastiche ‘Invincible’ with Robert Kirkman, published by Image Comics since 2003. Walker has also collaborated with Kirkman on other projects for various publishers.

The Early Years of Cory Walker

Born 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona, Cory Walker’s journey into the world of comic books began at a young age. Walker’s early passion for art and storytelling eventually led him to a career in the comic book industry. His natural talent for illustration and a profound love for comics set the stage for a remarkable career in graphic storytelling.

IMG 8862 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

Collaboration with Robert Kirkman

Cory Walker’s path to comic book stardom reached its pinnacle when he crossed paths with writer Robert Kirkman. Together, they embarked on a creative partnership that would leave an indelible mark on the comic book world. One of their most notable collaborations was creating the series “Invincible,” published by Image Comics. The series first graced the pages of comic books in 2003, and it quickly gained a dedicated following.

photo output 236 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

“Invincible” introduces readers to the character Mark Grayson, a young man who discovers he has superhuman abilities. With Kirkman’s imaginative storytelling and Walker’s incredible artwork, the series breathed fresh life into the superhero genre. What set “Invincible” apart was its ability to celebrate and deconstruct the superhero archetype. It embraced the classic superhero tropes while simultaneously subverting them with complex characters and emotionally charged storytelling.

photo output 234 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

Walker’s artistic style became synonymous with “Invincible.” His penciling captured the essence of the characters and brought the action sequences to life with vibrant and dynamic visuals. Readers were not only drawn to the compelling narrative but also to the striking artwork that graced each page.

Walker and Kirkman’s collaboration extended beyond “Invincible.” They also worked on other projects, including “Battle Pope,” a series published under Kirkman’s label, Funk-O-Tron. Their creative synergy was evident in the unique and engaging stories they produced, making them a dynamic team in the comic book industry.

Expanding Beyond “Invincible”

While “Invincible” remained a cornerstone of Cory Walker’s career, he ventured into the comic book industry’s broader landscape. Walker extended his artistic talents to comic book publishers, including Marvel and DC Comics. Notably, he contributed to Marvel titles like “Spider-Man Unlimited” and “The Irredeemable Ant-Man.” These projects demonstrated his versatility as an artist and his ability to adapt his style to fit different universes and characters.

IMG 8863 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

Walker’s Portfolio of Work

Cory Walker’s impressive portfolio includes work on several notable comic book series. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key projects in his bibliography:

Image Comics:

1. “Superpatriot: America’s Fighting Force” (2002): Walker’s artistic prowess shone through in this series, marking the beginning of his journey with Image Comics.

2. “Invincible” (2003–2018): His most iconic work, “Invincible,” featured Walker’s distinctive artwork across various issues, contributing significantly to the series’ popularity.

3. “Science Dog” (2010–11, 2020): Walker’s creative collaboration with Kirkman continued with “Science Dog,” adding another dimension to their partnership.

IMG 8869 scaled - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

Marvel Comics:

1. “Spider-Man Unlimited” (Vol. 3) #4 (2004): Walker’s talents graced the pages of Marvel’s “Spider-Man Unlimited,” demonstrating his ability to work with well-established superhero characters.

2. “Marvel Team-Up” #14, 19 (2005, 2006): His contributions to “Marvel Team-Up” showcased his artistic versatility within the Marvel Universe.

3. “The Irredeemable Ant-Man” #7–8 (2007): Walker’s artistry breathed life into “The Irredeemable Ant-Man,” another testament to his capabilities in the superhero genre.

4. “The Punisher War Journal” (Vol. 2) #13 (2007): His work on “The Punisher War Journal” further solidified his presence in the Marvel Comics world.

5. “Destroyer MAX” #1–5 (2007): “Destroyer MAX” allowed Walker to delve into a different narrative style, proving his adaptability as an artist.

IMG 8878 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

DC Comics:

1. “Shadowpact” #3, 6 (2006): Walker’s talents reached the DC Universe as he contributed to “Shadowpact.”

The Return to “Invincible”

In 2020, fans of “Invincible” received exciting news. Cory Walker was set to return to the series for a new six-issue story arc that began with “Invincible” #127. It was a momentous occasion for fans, as Walker’s return signified the rekindling of the artistic magic that had been an integral part of the series. This homecoming was particularly significant because it was one of Walker’s most ambitious undertakings since his original run on the series.

IMG 8864 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

In a conversation with Walker, he expressed his enthusiasm for returning to “Invincible” and his emotional connection with the series. When asked if he had expected the series to endure for so long, he replied, “Honestly, I don’t think so, no. At the time, there weren’t many long-running books out there, so despite believing in the property and knowing we were doing a cool thing, I don’t think I would have considered that Invincible would still be coming out all these years later.” This sentiment highlights the unpredictable journey of a comic book series, especially one as dynamic and ever-evolving as “Invincible.”

photo output 237 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

Walker’s artistic vision for “Invincible” was not only about nostalgia but also about pushing the boundaries of the series. He stated, “This is much bigger and more essential. Previously, when I had filled in on the book, those stories focused on what are supporting characters, and the stories themselves were somewhat supplemental to the main arc, I guess.” This time, however, Walker was diving into the narrative’s core, contributing to the main storyline of “Invincible” and setting the stage for its future.

IMG 8870 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

Walker’s Impact on Characters

The return of Cory Walker to “Invincible” brought with it the opportunity to revisit iconic characters. Walker expressed his excitement about drawing characters like Mark Grayson and Eve again, along with their daughter, Terra. These characters had become beloved figures within the series, and Walker’s artistic hand ensured their visual continuity.

However, Walker’s creativity didn’t stop at revisiting old favorites. He was enthusiastic about introducing new characters to the “Invincible” universe. Introducing fresh faces brought unpredictability and novelty to the series, enhancing the reading experience for long-time fans and newcomers alike.

IMG 8871 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

Addressing Unresolved Conflicts

“Invincible” has never shied away from intricate and intense storytelling, and the series had numerous conflicts brewing when Walker returned. The cliffhanger of “Reboot?” left fans eager to discover what lay ahead for Mark Grayson and his allies. In response to inquiries about the series’ status quo, Walker kept the suspense alive, saying, “Well, I can’t say, can I? We’ve missed out on five years of goings-on up in this Invincible universe, and ‘what’s the status quo’ really is the question, know?” This response hinted at the myriad possibilities and the complexity of the narrative that awaited readers.

Cory Walker acknowledged that one of the most intriguing aspects of the upcoming issues was the opportunity to reveal the changes in the characters’ lives during the five-year gap. It was an exciting endeavor that involved reintroducing characters and showing how their experiences had shaped them. This narrative choice resonated with fans eager to see how their beloved characters had evolved.

IMG 8881 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

The Evolution of Cory Walker’s Art

As an artist, Cory Walker’s style remained remarkably consistent, reflecting his distinct visual language. When asked whether his art had evolved since his last work on “Invincible,” Walker mentioned that his shift to all-digital artwork was the most significant change. He had previously worked with traditional tools—pens, paper, and a physical desk. However, this time, his approach was entirely digital.

IMG 8880 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

This transition to digital art was a shift in technique and an evolution in how he approached his craft. Walker acknowledged that there might be subtle differences due to the change in medium. He commented on the challenges of working digitally, including adapting to the unique tools and processes. Despite these adjustments, one thing remained constant: Walker’s distinctive style. Fans could rest assured that the artwork would retain the same essence that made his work on “Invincible” so captivating.


Cory Walker’s contributions to the comic book industry are a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. His collaboration with Robert Kirkman on “Invincible” and other projects has left an indelible mark on the world of comic books. The enduring appeal of “Invincible” can be attributed to the combined efforts of these two creative forces.
Walker’s return to “Invincible” was a moment of celebration for fans who had followed the series for years. It signified a return to familiar characters and the introduction of new elements that would shape the series’ future.

photo output 235 - Cory Walker (1980-): The Penciler Behind the Superhero Epic "Invincible"

As the comic book industry continues to evolve, Cory Walker remains a prominent figure, representing the power of artistic storytelling. His unique style and ability to bring characters to life have impacted readers and the industry. Cory Walker’s legacy will endure in the ever-expanding universe of comic books, just like the enduring heroics of “Invincible.”

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FAQs about Cory Walker, the Comic Book Artist

1. Who is Cory Walker?

Cory Walker is an American comic book artist known for his work as a penciler on the Image Comics series “Invincible,” which he co-created with writer Robert Kirkman. He has also worked on various comic book projects for Image, Marvel, and DC Comics.

2. What are Cory Walker’s notable works?

Cory Walker’s most notable work includes “Invincible,” “Superpatriot: America’s Fighting Force,” “Battle Pope,” “Science Dog,” and “Destroyer.” He has also contributed to Marvel titles like “Spider-Man Unlimited” and “The Irredeemable Ant-Man,” as well as DC’s “Shadowpact.”

3. When and where was Cory Walker born?

Cory Walker was born in the United States in 1980. His exact place of birth is not specified, but he is known to be from Phoenix, Arizona.

4. What is Cory Walker’s role in the “Invincible” series?

Cory Walker is a co-creator of the “Invincible” series and was the original artist on the comic. He has contributed to the series as a penciler and has returned to the series on several occasions to work on different story arcs.

5. Has Cory Walker’s art style evolved over the years?

Cory Walker mentioned that his art style may not have evolved significantly. However, it’s worth noting that he transitioned to working with all-digital tools, which might result in some differences from his earlier work when he used traditional inking methods.

6. Is Cory Walker returning to work on “Invincible” again?

Cory Walker has returned to work on “Invincible” for a new six-issue story arc, beginning with “Invincible #127.” This storyline is considered more significant and essential to the series, and it sets the stage for the future of the comic.

7. Are any new characters introduced in Cory Walker’s storyline in “Invincible”?

Cory Walker mentioned that he’s most excited about introducing new characters in the series and hopes they will become fan favorites.

8. What can readers expect from Cory Walker’s return to “Invincible”?

Cory Walker’s return to “Invincible” follows a five-year gap in the storyline. Readers can anticipate answers to questions about the status quo of various characters and story elements, such as Thragg, Nolan and Debbie, Oliver, and Allen’s condition.

9. What other projects has Cory Walker collaborated on with Robert Kirkman?

In addition to “Invincible,” Cory Walker has collaborated with writer Robert Kirkman on Marvel’s “Destroyer” miniseries, “The Irredeemable Ant-Man,” and various other projects.

10. How has Cory Walker contributed to the “Invincible” animated series?

In 2020, Cory Walker was revealed to be the lead designer of the “Invincible” animated series, further cementing his involvement with the property.

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