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Definitions of Illustration

Illustration (noun)

A picture illustrating a book, newspaper, etc..
E.g. an illustration of a yacht.
synonyms: picture, drawing, sketch, figure, image, plate, print, artwork, visual aid



  • picture, drawing, sketch, figure, image, plate, print, artwork, visual aid
  • exemplification, demonstration, showing, example, typical case, case in point, object lesson, analogy
  • representative, instance, example
  • exemplification


  • Illustration by Dixie Leota
  • This use of illustration in accounts of life in a railway works is significant in several ways.
  • However Clarke is also known for his work in illustration .
  • The most vivid illustration of India’s efforts to use soft power as a tool of foreign policy came recently in Afghanistan.
  • By the close integration of text, commentary, and illustration , he gave the renaissance world a definitive anatomical thesis.
  • Consider as an illustration Sartre’s example of a young man torn between joining the Free French and caring for his aging mother.

Word Origin and History for illustration Expand

1325-75; Middle English < Latin illustrātiōn- (stem of illustrātiō) the act of making vivid, illustrating.

c.1400, “a shining;” early 15c., “a manifestation;” mid-15c., “a spiritual illumination,” from Old French illustration “apparition, appearance,” and directly from Latin illustrationem (nominative illustratio) “vivid representation” (in writing), literally “an enlightening,” from past participle stem of illustrare “light up, make light, illuminate;” figuratively “make clear, disclose, explain; adorn, render distinguished,” from assimilated form of in- “in” (see in- (2)) + lustrare “make bright, illuminate,” related to lucere “shine,” lux “light” (see light (n.)). Mental sense of “act of making clear in the mind” is from 1580s. Meaning “an illustrative picture” is from 1816.
Illustration by Dixie Leota
Research: Arifur Rahman, Founder of tOOns MaG


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