DRINK multitude of personalities crawl out of each other

DRINK multitude of personalities crawl out of each other

In this Drink animated short film, a young man experiences a curious case of reverse voraphilia . A sip from a mysterious green liquid causes a twisted reaction, as a multitude of personalities crawl out of each characters mouth. The result is an epic pile of discarded skin, crowned by the original young man.

A second sip causes another maelstrom, this time in reverse order. The young man stumbles away, exhausted by the process of physical mutation that showed him all the personalities, cultures, races, and creeds within himself. The cautionary tale concludes with a young lady approaching the same mysterious jug. “Drink” was shortlisted for the 2002 Oscars for Best Animated Short.

Directors Note:
This was my first film. I created it while working full time at MTV back in the 90’s. I would wake up every morning at 5am, work a few hours before going into work on “Daria.” The concept for people crawling out of each others mouths is reminiscent of an earlier piece I drew called “Swallow Face” which was an ID Spot for MTV. Interesting fact about this film, it was colored by Shannon Prynoski, who wanted to learn photoshop. She is not the owner and president of one of the largest animation studio in the US.

Drink Awards:
-Best Debut Film, New York Film Expo.
-Winner, “Oz” Award, Chicago Animation Festival
-2nd Place, ASIFA-East Animation Festival.
-2nd Place, ASIFA-San Francisco Animation Festival.
-Best Animation, Myrtle Beach Film Festival

Drink Credits:
Animated by Patrick Smith
Music by Karl von Kries
Color by Shannon Prynoski and Sarah Riseman

Drink Official Selection of: (Partial List)
Atlanta Film Festival
Lake Placid Film Festival
New York Film Expo
Woodstock Film Festival
Rhode Island Film Festival
Chicago Animation Festival

California Independent Film Festival
Sacramento Film Festival.
Great Lakes Film Festival.
Georgetown Independent Film Festival
Los Angeles Int. Short Film Festival
Arizona Int. Film Festival

Cleveland Int. Film Festival
Seattle Int. Film Festival
Maryland Film Festival
St. Louis Int. Film Festival
Boston Int. Film Festival
Lake Tahoe Film Festival

Sidewalk Moving Picture Fest
One Reel Int. Film Festival
Stony Brook Film Festival
Nashville Ind. Film Festival
Santa Monica Film Festival

No-Dance Film Festival
Texas Int. Film Festival
Carolina Film Festival
East Lansing Int. Film Fest.
California Sun Animation Festival
Williamsburg Film Festival
USA Film Festival

Hollywood Shorts Anim Fest.
Santa Monica Film Festival
San Francisco Film Festival
Austin Int. Film Festival

Pacific Coast Int. Film Fest
Athens Int. Film Festival
Ojai Film Festival
World Animation Celebration
Wine Country Film Festival
Shorts International Film Festival
Taos Talking Picture Festival

Annecy Animation Festival
Clermont Ferrand, France
Brisbane Int. Animation Festival, Austrialia.
Melbourne Int. Film Festival
Sydney Int. Animation Fest
Adelaide Int. Animation Festival
Dervio Cartoon Festival, Italy.

Cartoon Club, Italy.
Leeds Int. Film Festival, UK
Animated Exeter, Exeter UK
Cordoba Animation Festival, Argentinia.
Toronto Moving Image Society
Anima Mundi, Brazil
Exground FilmFest, Germany
Ajijic Festival, Mexico

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