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Hamid Soufi

sufi - Hamid Soufi

Sistan and Baluchistan University, Iran, the post-secondary degree in anthropology of pointing
1- Awarded of the prize in Guangxi city college international cartoon contest (year2007 china)

2- a Special prize of 27th international Nasreddin hodja cartoon contest (2007 turkey )
3- Th puejaeon international cartoon contest (South Korea, 2005 – 2006 -2007)
4- Lm international cartoon contest (China, 2006 )
5- Humor la cura humour lul festival of cartoon an humorous literature (Romani, 2007 )
6- Diogeses taborda cartoon contest ( Argentina 2005 )
7- Stuttgart award 2009 international wettdewerd for a cartoon (Germany 2009)
8- Ine international pum of visual humour Surgut (Russia 2006)
9- 1996: start of professional activity with membership in lorestan cartoonists council
10-  To take part in the first biennale exhibition of the plastic art of Muslim students. (the year 2001 )
11-  To take part in the first cartoon festival for a college student (the year 2001)
12-  To take part in the 18th international Nasreddin hodja carton contest. (the year 2004)
13-  To take part in the second gol agha international cartoon gamretiton Iran (the year 2003)
14-  To take part in the 23rd the yomiuri international cartoon contest (the year 2001)
15-  To take part in the 5th international Tehran cartoon contest (the year 2002)
16-  To take part in the first addiction prevention Tabriz international cartoon contest (the year 2002)
17-  To take part in the 6th Tehran international cartoon biennial (the year 2003)
18-  To take part in the second visual art experimental festival (youth art) Tehran year 2004)
19-  To take part in the 16th Odense kartoenale international contest Belgium (the year 2003)
20- To take part in the international cartoon Moscow contest (the year 2004)
21- To take part in the second addiction prevent in Tabriz (the year 2004)
22- To take part in the aydin dogan international cartoon contest (the year 2004)
23- To take part in the international cartoon chelengmo china contest (the year 2003)
24- To take part in the first international comedy festival Iran (the year 2003)
Actirities: to begin actirities in the field of caricature (cartoon) in the caricaturists’ assembly in the loveston province.
To portiapate in several internal and international festivals
To cahibit in several individual local art galleries in many cities of Iran like Aligularz , Khoramabad, Shiraz, Esfahan , Mashhand , Kerman , Tabriz , Tehran.

Positions and responsibilities:
The person in charge in the assembly of visual arts from 2004 and representative of the world cartoon organization (echo) in lorestan from 2005 up to now.
To be the judge of the first student festival of visual arts in shahre kord (2005)

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