Josh Hicks (1991): The Creative Journey of a Welsh Cartoonist

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Josh Hicks is a renowned cartoonist hailing from Wales, UK, known for his captivating storytelling and distinctive artistic style. Born in 1991, Hicks spent his formative years in a small ex-coal-mining village, where his passion for comics and storytelling first began to flourish. Despite the rural surroundings, Hicks found inspiration in the world around him and quickly developed a love for creating comics.

Josh Hicks

BirthplaceWales, UK
OccupationCartoonist, Art Director, Animator, Storyboard Artist
Notable WorksGlorious Wrestling Alliance, Hotelitor

From a young age, Hicks demonstrated a natural talent for illustration and storytelling. He was drawn to the colorful characters and dynamic narratives in comics, citing favorites such as Spider-Man, Dragon Ball, and Tintin as early influences. However, societal pressures led Hicks to temporarily set aside his love for comics during his early teenage years.

Fortunately, Hicks rediscovered his passion for comics in his early twenties, delving into works like The Invisibles, Scott Pilgrim, and Ice Haven, which reignited his love for the medium. With a renewed sense of purpose, Hicks began honing his craft, experimenting with different styles and techniques to develop his unique voice as a cartoonist.

In 2015, Hicks made his debut in the world of comics, collaborating with anthologies and independent publishers across the UK. His early works showcased his talent for blending humor, satire, and thought-provoking storytelling, earning him recognition within the industry.

Josh Hicks (1991): The Creative Journey of a Welsh Cartoonist
Josh Hicks (1991): The Creative Journey of a Welsh Cartoonist 13

One of Hicks’ most notable works is “Glorious Wrestling Alliance,” a hilarious and irreverent take on the world of professional wrestling. The series gained a dedicated following for its witty dialogue, quirky characters, and clever commentary on pop culture and society.

In addition to “Glorious Wrestling Alliance,” Hicks is also known for his work on “Hotelitor,” a sci-fi adventure set in the finest hotel in space. The series captivated readers with its imaginative world-building, charming characters, and witty humor, further establishing Hicks as a rising star in the world of comics.

Outside of comics, Hicks is also involved in the field of animation, where he serves as an art director, animator, and storyboard artist. His talents extend beyond the printed page, as he brings stories to life through vibrant animation and dynamic visuals.

When asked about his favorite books and influences, Hicks cites Taiyo Matsumoto, Moebius, and Wai Wai Pang as some of his top inspirations. His eclectic taste in literature and art reflects the diverse influences shaping his creative vision.

Reflecting on his journey as an author and illustrator, Hicks offers valuable advice for aspiring creators. He encourages them to find their creative passion and dedicate themselves to honing their craft. He emphasizes the importance of completing small projects to build confidence and experience while acknowledging the value of embracing creativity with reckless abandon.

As Josh Hicks continues to push the boundaries of storytelling and illustration, his impact on the world of comics only continues to grow. With his boundless imagination and unwavering dedication to his craft, Hicks is sure to delight readers and inspire future generations of storytellers for years to come.

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