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Born in 1960 in Hunedoara. He started drawing and publishing cartoons in 1979.
Qualified as an engineer, he is now as general manager of CRISAN Publishing House. More than 400 collective international exhibitions in 47 countries. He won 102 prizes in 27 countries. Some are:
First Prize– Pescara 1982, Timişoara 1982, 1985, Brăila 1983, Vaslui 1988, Ayr 1999, Buenos Aires 2010; Urziceni
2013; Vercelli 2014; Second Prize– Bistriţa 1984, 1998, Vercelli 1984, Anglet 1985, Focşani 1985, Sint­Truiden
1991, Constanţa 1997, Daejon 1998; Osor 2013; Third Prize– Costineşti 1984, Daejon 1997, Buenos Aires 2001.
Founder of Caricatura Magazine & HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest. Owner of The first Romanian cartoonist who started drawing on the computer.  Eight personal books published and more 300 children’s books translated, adapted and published.


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