How Themed Gaming Has Grown So Popular

How Themed Gaming Has Grown So Popular

Gaming of all kinds is hugely popular among people around the world – and the increasing technology has meant that we can now play games on computers and consoles, of course, but also get involved in immersive games on our smartphones, too.

Games run the whole gamut from hyper casual titles like the iconic Candy Crush through to open world epics like Red Dead Redemption II. Players can enjoy gaming wherever they are, and the best players can even get involved in eSports tournaments and competitions, winning millions based on their ability and skill. Even a layperson can win money playing games if they get involved in the online casino scene, playing games like poker and Slingo from the comfort of their own homes.

So how does themed games fit into this? It is all about the creativity that comes from the game developers – and the innovative technology that makes it possible.

Let’s look at what makes gaming in the modern era such a wonderful leisure activity for so many people.

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Almost every day, clever people around the world are making huge steps in technological innovation – and the computer programmers that are creating driverless cars and all sorts of other robotic devices are also working on making awesome games.


The graphics that, in movies, are producing amazing CGI for action flicks are also making games stunning. Whether they are based on cartoonish designs or even ultra-realistic landscapes, the same technology is used in games.

Now, even basic games offer beautiful backgrounds and detailed characters to go with the interesting storylines.


AI in games involves things like the non-playable characters that you interact with, but also goes into the game design too. You can approach an NPC to ask them questions or interact with them, and AI programs them to respond in different ways based on the situation. AI also helps designers by creating deep backgrounds, launching enemies in different places in each playthrough, and ensuring that the game can work in the right difficulty level.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

This is a bit more of an ongoing development. The augmented reality is something that we are seeing in games like PokémonGo, and virtual reality is still a bit clunky because you need to use a headset to get immersed in games that are not quite perfect just yet – but gamers are still hopeful that one day they will be able to play a game that can take over the world you are in and replace it with something completely different.


Playing intense games, especially online, means you need a solid and reliable internet connection. While this used to mean you had to be wired to the router in your home, the availability of Wi-Fi and now the proliferation of 5G connections through the cities globally means that you can play these massive games wherever you are – waiting for a bus, on your lunchbreak, or even instead of doing your work.

How Themed Gaming Has Grown So Popular

Powerful Processors

One of the last – and probably most important – factors in technology is that powerful processers are needed to play the games. Even a decade ago, this would mean bulky PCs, adding new GPUs and CPUs, and keeping gaming in the home or even just on a console.

However, SSD and the processing chips in mobile phones has meant that this is now much more accessible to everyone, so convenience wins and more people can play.

Creative Talent

Games wouldn’t be the draw that they are without the creative talent used to make them.

The list of people involved in creating one of the top-selling games like Grand Theft Auto and Skyrim would rival a top tier Hollywood film. Everyone from the script writing, the design, the programming ad coding, through to voice actors and motion capture and everything else – this is the talent that is needed to make a game possible.

We immediately think of the programmers that code these games, but there are so many other people that come into making even independent games possible.

It is the creativity that leads to the themed games we love.

How Themed Gaming Has Grown So Popular

Themed Games

This is where personal preference is the tipping point for a game – the theme or genre of the game is what makes us want to choose it when we are buying.

There are so many themes in the game world, you can find something that will suit your taste – whether you want to play as a gangster or a showjumper, whether you want to explore an alien planet or take over a criminal empire.

Games are based on movies (and often, movies are based on games), or TV shows, or songs. They are based on mythology and folk stories from around the world, allowing players the opportunity to decide what they want to play, and by extension, who they want to be.

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