How to draw a female figure

Step by step learn, How to draw a female figure, easy drawing tutorial

How to draw a female figure

Figure drawing is a fundamental skill for artists, but one of the hardest to truly master. In this article, I explain my personal process and offer some advice to help you improve your figure drawings. On this page, we’ll walk through how to draw a female figure.

Although having knowledge of figure proportions is important, bear in mind that these are only a guide. Trying to shoehorn every figure to fit an eight-head-high ideal is the recipe for an uninspiring drawing. To achieve style we need to work with the gesture, the spirit of the pose, the fluid nature in line. If we take gesture too far, though, our drawing will look wobbly. To counter that we need to also work with a solid structure, but too much structure can make for a stiff drawing. Therein lies the great balancing act of figure drawing that we will explore here. Let’s get started…

Below you can watch an in-depth video tutorial, or read on for step-by-step written instructions on how to draw a female figure. After more drawing tips? Take a look at our guide to how to draw pretty much anything. Alternatively, get yourself kitted out with the best pencils around. Learn also: 1. How to Draw Simplified Cartoon Eyes 2. How to draw a male figure

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