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How to Draw a Goat Easy Tutorial

How to Draw a Goat Easy Tutorial

How to Draw a Goat instruction

How to Draw a Goat: Goats are a lot of fun. They tend to get into trouble, and they are somehow inherently funny (and kinda funny-looking) so they are great subjects for cartoons. Here’s how to draw a simple goat, a drawing lesson that someone as young as five years old could follow.

Goats are a bit like a sheep and a bit like a unicorn. Some old-style unicorns look almost exactly like goats, except they have that signature single horn coming out of their forehead. It helps to borrow a bit about what you know of sheep and unicorns when you start thinking about how to draw a goat. For instance, you may want to use the curly or curlicue lines that are associated with sheep’s curly wool. And you may want to borrow the horn from the unicorn, but give your goat two horns, one on each side, above his ears at the very top of his head. Keep in mind, though, that some goats barely have horns at all… just lumpy hard spots, or short horns that are no longer than their ears.

Start with the head of the goat for your drawing. We’ll be drawing the goat “head-on”, or with him facing us. Make a “U” shape with long, tall sides to create his basic head shape. On either side of the “U”, towards the top, make leaf shapes to represent his ears, and then two upside-down “V” shapes for his horns.How to Draw a Goat

Your goat’s eyes can be two small circles with a dot inside to show the sparkle in his eye (or you can make them solid black… it doesn’t matter). His nose can be a small capital “Y” shape towards the bottom of the “U” that makes his head, and then you can make a much smaller “U” shape below the “Y” to suggest his lips. If you want, your goat’s lips can be up to make him smile, or down to show he’s angry. Add a few wavy lines coming down from his chin to show his beard.

Next you make your goat’s body and legs. This is pretty easy because he’s facing us, so we’ll only see his front legs and his chest. You don’t even have to draw his chest; just two lines arching out a little from his head can suggest his shoulders. Then make each line taper in just a bit, and follow it down towards about where his hooves would be. If you can add little “lumps” in each line to show his knee and ankle joints, that’s great.

To make sure people know those two long lines are his legs, and to finish your goat, make his hooves at the end of his legs. Each hoof can be two small triangles touching each other, and filled in with your pencil so they are solid black. Unlike horses, goats have split or “cloven” hooves, so you might not want to draw his hooves as solid.

And that’s your goat. Congratulations! Now you can start drawing him sideways, so you can show him running and chewing grass and getting into trouble.

How to Draw a Goat Video Tutorial

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