Ireland, Norway and Spain recognize the State of Palestine!

cartoon Ireland, Norway and Spain recognize the State of Palestine!

Ireland, Norway and Spain recognize the State of Palestine!

This cartoon depicts a powerful scene symbolizing international support for the recognition of the State of Palestine. The central image is a recreation of the iconic photograph “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima,” but instead of U.S. Marines, there are three figures representing different countries: Ireland, Norway, and Spain.

Each figure is holding a pole supporting a large Palestinian flag. The figures are dressed in clothing featuring the flags of their respective countries:

  1. Ireland – The figure on the right, in an orange, white, and green outfit, representing the Irish flag.
  2. Norway – The middle figure, in a red, white, and blue outfit, representing the Norwegian flag.
  3. Spain – The figure on the left, in a red and yellow outfit, representing the Spanish flag.

The background shows a war-torn, bombed-out city, emphasizing the conflict and destruction in the region. Rubble and destroyed buildings fill the scene, underscoring the devastation.

To the left, a small green figure with a turban, possibly representing a militant or another character, holds a sign that reads “Welcome to Palestine,” adding a note of resistance or defiance.

The overall message of the cartoon is to highlight the support from Ireland, Norway, and Spain for Palestinian statehood, symbolized through the collaborative and iconic act of raising the Palestinian flag amidst the ruins.

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