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Javad Takjoo

ax takjoo - Javad Takjoo
I was born in1985 in IRAN and I live in Lahidjan in the north of Iran.
I am graduated in surveying. I learned cartoon self-teaching and I have been drawing a cartoon for 14 years. Now I`m working for newspapers and news sites in Iran and also I participate in the international contest. I’ve won 16 international and several domestic awards so far.

-3 individual exhibitions
More than 20 group exhibitions

Secretary “Afdesta” International-Online Cartoon Festival (2012)

-Special Prize of the 8th International Cartoon Contest URZICENI- Romania ( 2014)
-Special Prize of the City of Penela IV BHLOG  – “Freedom”(2014)
-The first prize in Tomy part in the 17th international festival in San Antonio,Cuba(2011)
-Limes prize in in the 2th international festival tolerate and dictatorship in Berlin Germany(2011)
-the special prize in the 18th international festival in randon Colombia(2011)
-the third prize in the 19th international Golden helmet festival in Serbia(2011)
-the special prize in the 18th international diogeon in South Korea(2009)
-the bronze prize in the 17th international googlem in China(2008)
-the third rank in the 17th international the youth of Gorgan Iran(1389)
Selected in international festivals ,in the 7th and the 10th Tabriz festival(2008-2010) , the first and
The third p.c.roth in India(2009-2011),the third bursa festival in Turkey(2009),…
And several domestic awards so far.

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