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So, why is that?

Well, at the most simple, communicative level, viewers often associate eyes with two circles on the face. That’s often a key part of drawing from a stylistic perspective—finding the balance that you like between communication and proportion. There is no right or wrong answer on that!

This idea of communicating in symbols is sometimes a barrier to overcome when trying to draw from sight (i.e. drawing what you “see” versus what you “know”). For example, look at the image below. We all “know” that eyes don’t actually look like this in our day-to-day lives. However, we recognize this as an eye. We know that this symbol represents an idea.

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How to Draw Simplified Cartoon Eyes Cartoon eyes typically have less detail than a realistic rendition of the eye. How, then, do you know which features to include and which ones to omit? How do you draw in a way that still looks like an eye, but isn't true to realism? 

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