Zippy (11/11)

Zippy cartoon


Occupation: Unclear (Circus attraction is one plausible theory.)

Election years: 1980 to present

Economic platform: Unknown, if any

A 1970s underground comics star gone mainstream, Bill Griffith’s Zippy, sometimes known as Zippy the Pinhead, seems to have made his first bid for higher office in 1980, the year Ronald Reagan won his initial term. Zippy’s nonsensical statements, while not uncommon for politicians, offer little clue to his ideology—although he is on record as saying, “All life is a blur of Republicans and meat.” Zippy is perhaps best known for his question, “Are we having fun yet?” See also: Election promises.


Written by Gustav Michalon

Gustav Michalon is a contributing writer of Toons Mag. He writes about cartoons and cartoonists.

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