Reserving a 6 seat table in the restaurant!

Reserving a 6 seat table in the restaurant cartoon

Reserving a 6 seat table in the restaurant: Long Nose Society is the society of individuals with long noses who love themselves, respect each other and try to find functions from their extraordinary facial organs.

Despite the general opinion that long noses are liers like Pinocchio or, as Americans believe, nosy people showing too much curiosity about other people’s affairs, they are truly nice and honest people. There is also an interpretation of Pinocchio’s nose as the symbol of his guilt. So people with normal faces can tell lies easily because their facial features won’t reveal their lies!

On the other hand, my country, Iran, has the highest rate of nose surgeries in the world. It means that people need to change their appearance in order to be liked or accepted in their society as a beautiful person!

Long noses remind us of our true appearance and we should just love it! See also: Definitions of Cartoon

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Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl

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