Serge Chapleau

Serge Chapleau

Serge Chapleau is a Canadian political cartoonist from the province of Quebec. Chapleau, of course, is the award-winning political cartoonist at La Presse. He was born December 5, 1945, he is also the man behind those brilliant computerized puppet caricatures that appear in the popular French-language television show Laflaque.

Serge Chapleau Photo
Serge Chapleau

Serge Chapleau Biography

Serge Chapleau was born in Montreal, Quebec, the youngest in a family of seven children, Serge Chapleau grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in Montréal, where his childhood kingdom was the back alley of rue Drolet. [ez-toc]

After studying painting and graphic art at the School of Fine Arts in Montreal, Chapleau created in 1971 a caricature of the songbook Gilles Vigneault for Perspectives, a weekly paper distributed with the Saturday Editions of several Quebec dailies.

Serge Chapleau Caricature
Serge Chapleau Caricature

During the following years, Chapleau collaborated in several other publications, such as Montréal-Matin, Week-End, Actualité and Nous. Following Le Devoir in 1985, he worked at Le Matin in 1987, and 7 Jours from 1989 to 1992. After a return to Le Devoir in 1991, he became in 1996 a cartoonist at La Presse, a post that he continues to occupy.

Serge Chapleau Caricature
Serge Chapleau Caricature

Since 2004, his puppet character Gérard D. Laflaque returned to television in CGI form on Et Dieu créa Laflaque. He and fellow Montreal cartoonist Terry Mosher were the subjects of a 2003 documentary film, Nothing Sacred, directed by Garry Beitel. Chapleau suffers from Dupuytren’s contracture, a hand disease in which the formation of scar tissue under the skin of the palm causes fingers to curl inward and lose the motion of the tendons’ ability to grip.

Serge Chapleau Caricature
Serge Chapleau Caricature

Honors and publications

For more than two decades Serge Chapleau has been a finalist at the National Newspaper Awards of the Canadian Association of Newspapers in the Editorial Cartooning category; to date, he has won the award on seven separate occasions.

Serge Chapleau Caricature
Serge Chapleau Caricature

Since 1993, Éditions du Boréal has published an annual collection of his best caricatures, L’année Chapleau. From May 22, 1997, to September 20, 1998, the Musée McCord presented an exhibit on the works of Chapleau Aislin, Aislin &Chapleau Caricatures. He was named a Member of the Order of Canada in 2015.

Serge Chapleau Photo
Serge Chapleau

Aislin at 50

Chapleau and I have been friends for more than 40 years. As he says: “When we first met, we were both young and crazy. Now, we’re old and crazy. Despite differences in our respective communities, Terry and I find common ground because we both love Montreal and its incredible diversity.”

Serge Chapleau

The McCord Museum has recognized this shared love of community. It recently celebrated my 50 years of cartooning with a retrospective exhibition and will do the same for Chapleau’s work in three years.

Serge Chapleau

Chapleau and I come from a long tradition of political cartooning in Montreal, both in English and in French. Names like Henri Julien, Arthur Racey, Albéric Bourgeois, Robert LaPalme, Ed McNally, Normand Hudon, John Collins, Jean-Pierre Girerd and Berthio (Roland Berthiaume)come to mind.

Serge Chapleau


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Serge Chapleau:

Q: Who is Serge Chapleau?

A: Serge Chapleau is a Canadian cartoonist renowned for his editorial cartoons and caricatures.

Q: What is Serge Chapleau known for?

A: Serge Chapleau is best known for his satirical and political cartoons, often appearing in the Montreal-based newspaper “La Presse.” His unique artistic style and keen sense of humor make his cartoons visually appealing and thought-provoking.

Q: When did Serge Chapleau start his career as a cartoonist?

A: Serge Chapleau began his career as a cartoonist in the early 1970s.

Q: Where can I find Serge Chapleau’s cartoons?

A: Serge Chapleau’s cartoons are regularly published in “La Presse,” a major newspaper in Montreal, Canada. They can also be found online, including the newspaper’s website and social media channels.

Q: What subjects do Serge Chapleau’s cartoons typically address?

A: Serge Chapleau’s cartoons cover various topics, including politics, current events, social issues, and cultural observations. His cartoons often provide commentary on local, national, and international issues, offering a satirical perspective on the world around us.

Q: Has Serge Chapleau received any awards or recognition for his work?

A: Yes, Serge Chapleau has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the cartooning field. He has been honored with prestigious awards, such as the National Newspaper Award and the Order of Canada, for his outstanding achievements in the arts.

Q: Does Serge Chapleau’s work extend beyond cartoons?

A: While Serge Chapleau is primarily known for his editorial cartoons, he has also published several books featuring his artwork. These books often compile his cartoons on specific themes or showcase his career.

Q: How would you describe Serge Chapleau’s artistic style?

A: Serge Chapleau’s artistic style is characterized by bold lines, exaggerated caricatures, and intricate details. His cartoons often feature expressive facial expressions and clever visual metaphors, effectively conveying his messages with humor and wit.

Q: Does Serge Chapleau’s work have a significant impact on society?

A: Yes, Serge Chapleau’s cartoons have significantly impacted society. His keen observations and sharp critique of political and social issues have made people reflect on essential topics and sparked conversations. His cartoons have the power to entertain, inform, and provoke thought, making him a respected and influential figure in the cartooning field.

Q: Is Serge Chapleau active on social media?

A: While Serge Chapleau’s primary platform for sharing his cartoons is through “La Presse” and its associated channels, he may have a presence on social media platforms. It is recommended to check his official website or the newspaper’s social media accounts for the most up-to-date information.

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