The Effective Use of Cartoons in Online Pokies

The Effective Use of Cartoons in Online Pokies

Internet gambling is a big business in New Zealand. Despite the country making locally-based online casinos illegal, Kiwis still spend a significant amount on gambling websites. Pokies are the most popular games in the region, with Kiwis spending an estimated $1 billion on gaming machines, both online and offline. Why are pokies such big earners for online casinos in New Zealand? The exciting themes used are one reason. Over the years, game manufacturers have become more creative with virtual gaming machines. Cartoons are some of the most visually appealing designs developers employ in pokies.

What makes cartoons suitable as themes in this particular type of casino game? An obvious justification is the power of cartoons to draw audiences across different age groups. They appeal to adults as much as they do children. Animation is an exceptional mode of storytelling, which is why it has consistently worked for generations. Cartoon pokies accomplish several things at once, which is why software providers keep producing fresh titles year after year. This article explains why cartoons are effective as themes for gaming machines. Find out why seeing a title like Puss in Boots or Family Guys catches your attention when playing at online casinos.

Highly Interactive Themes

Game developers and online casinos rely heavily on a product’s interactivity. A game that engages the player from the get-go has a high probability of being successful. Gambling websites have to work extra hard to keep customers interested because online attention spans are short. Therefore, when offering games, suppliers and operators must ensure players interact with the characters as much as possible. Animation allows this. Cartoon pokies create dynamic settings and captivating narratives that as a player, you can immerse yourself in. Seeing active characters on the screen while gambling can keep you intrigued for some time.

Playing free online pokies for Kiwis gives you an idea of how engaging cartoon-themed games can be. When you don’t have to worry about how much you are spending, the experience can be particularly eye-opening. You may find yourself hopping from one title to another for hours. How is this possible? The characters used in these games don’t just focus on aesthetics. They tell a story. From the minute you open a game, you can follow the narrative. Manufacturers typically integrate stories with a game’s features. For example, you might find that following the big bad wolf into the woods earns Little Red Riding Hood a bonus round. Such game mechanics keep you wanting to see more.

Leveraging Popularity

Some of the biggest cartoon-based casino games get inspiration from well-liked shows. The idea is to bank on a show’s fame to boost a game’s credibility. Cartoons as a storytelling tool go back a long time because it’s incredibly effective. The blend of humour, colourful landscapes and stylised characters is hard to beat. You can find shows that aired in the 1930s that are still famous today. Iconic cartoons, such as The Flintstones, Family Guy and Betty Boop, make for excellent gaming titles. However, the best cartoons are not easily available as pokies because animation studios are not quick to give their rights to iGaming manufacturers.

The alternative is games based on famous cartoons. Providers sometimes use big-name characters to create titles with similar storylines. A game like Kung Fu Rooster pays homage to the infamous Kung Fu Panda. Although you don’t get the original with such titles, the narrative is close enough to appreciate the effort.

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Tapping into Nostalgia

Not a lot of feelings sell as much as nostalgia. When you see a character from your favourite Saturday morning cartoon, it can transport you to that time. One minute you are hitting play on a button, and the next, you are remembering how you used to fight over the remote to watch Johnny Bravo. That feeling is what some game developers use to market their cartoon-inspired products. Of course, the choice of show determines how effectively this tactic works. You can only get sentimental over a cartoon that you liked. It’s another reason game providers prefer basing titles on highly rated shows. They have a bigger chance of connecting with players.

The Downside of Cartoon-Themed Games

Using cartoons on pokies is not without risk. As mentioned, cartoons appeal to children. Hence, developers must be careful not to create products that attract underage players. Industry regulators are keen on checking games that might appear to be advertising to children. Some gambling sites even had to pay penalties for carrying cartoon-based titles without the right measures to prohibit underage gambling. One-way manufacturers address this concern by using cartoons made for adult consumption. Shows with an 18+ rating already target an audience that can gamble legally in various regions. So, developers avoid inadvertently appealing to a younger demographic. Another security measure New Zealand online casinos implement is requiring users to be over the legal age to play. It means you have to create an account and verify your identity before gambling on pokies.

Cartoons are some of the leading themes at online casinos because they are engaging, entertaining and visually appealing. Pokies based on cartoon characters are effective because apart from being engaging, they elicit a sense of nostalgia and leverage famous storylines. So, when playing a cartoon-themed title, it’s more than just betting and spinning the reels. It’s an immersive experience that makes gambling fun.

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