THE TOXIC AVENGER Makes a Comeback in New Comic Book Series

THE TOXIC AVENGER Makes a Comeback in New Comic Book Series

Renowned political cartoonist Matt Bors, founder of The Nib and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, teams up with acclaimed artist Fred Harper (known for Snelson) for an exciting collaboration on a five-issue comic book series, THE TOXIC AVENGER. This series, brought to you by AHOY Comics, is set to debut this fall.

THE TOXIC AVENGER, originating from the cult classic Troma Films, has already left a mark with five films: a cartoon, action figures, a musical, and a Marvel comic series. Now, he’s making a grand return with AHOY Comics, known for its satirical take on various genres, including horror, space opera, social satire, sword & sorcery, and superheroes.
According to AHOY Comics Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer, THE TOXIC AVENGER promises violent action, grotesque mutations, eye-popping visuals, and trenchant humor—a true treat for Troma fans.

The series aims to blend elements from the original films with the Toxic Crusaders cartoon, offering a fresh take on environmental devastation, corporate control, and social media mutation. Matt Bors explains that at its core, THE TOXIC AVENGER is an environmental satire, depicting a small town and its ordinary residents grappling with circumstances beyond their control.

In this rendition, teenager Melvin Junko, a Tromaville, New Jersey resident, finds himself transformed into the hideously deformed but superhumanly strong Toxic Avenger after a toxic waste accident. Under a media blackout imposed by Biohazard Solutions (BS) and their PR-spewing Chairwoman Lindsay Flick, Melvin emerges as a hero fighting against BS and the mutated threats plaguing Tromaville. However, he soon discovers a conspiracy far more sinister than he imagined.

THE TOXIC AVENGER is poised to tackle environmental issues, corporate PR, influencer culture, and the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories, all wrapped up in a thrilling, action-packed narrative.

This marks Matt Bors’s second comic book series, following the success of JUSTICE WARRIORS, co-created with artist Ben Clarkson. Bors emphasizes that TOXIC AVENGER will resonate with readers concerned about environmental issues and corporate influence.

AHOY Comics, founded in 2018, offers readers a diverse range of comic book magazines featuring stories, poetry, prose fiction, and cartoons. With titles like SECOND COMING, HIGH HEAVEN, THE WRONG EARTH, and MY BAD, AHOY Comics brings dark humor to the comic book world.

As the iconic Toxic Avenger returns, fans can expect a thrilling and thought-provoking series that pushes the boundaries of satire and storytelling.

About the Creators: 

Matt Bors, a prolific cartoonist, writer, and editor, founded The Nib and has been recognized as a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist. His work has appeared in numerous publications, showcasing his talent for political satire and commentary.
Fred Harper, an acclaimed artist, has illustrated stories for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and various magazines. With a diverse portfolio from comic books to magazine illustrations, Harper brings his unique artistic flair to THE TOXIC AVENGER series.

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