What makes a great casino movie scene

What makes a great casino movie scene
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Many of the top Hollywood blockbusters have incorporated several noticeable and highly beloved scenes that feature a casino setting that the cast may interact with in a certain way, which could well be a fight scene or even a simple dialogue set piece which can become a major fan favorite moment that are still being discussed to this day.      

A casino set piece, setting or backdrop to any movie can instantly change the tone of a film in many ways, with these including the unique sets of lighting and background noise as well as changing the overall pace of a film whenever moving from different shots.

These simple yet effective aspects of even the most basic casino scenes makes it very obvious as to why many highly respected directors and producers aim to include these set pieces into the final product of their latest releases, many of which have become staples of film making and are frequently replicated by other executives.

Film fans will have their own personal choices as to which individual scenes are their favorite to binge watch over and over again from any one of Hollywood’s most storied films, however, there is still an overall consensus viewpoint that certain casino scenes in a number of critically acclaimed films have set the standard at an all time high for future filmmakers to topple over.

There are many sublime pieces of filming, editing, acting and individual assets that go into filming the ‘perfect’ casino scene for all audiences to enjoy, with these being some of the top choices amongst fans and critics alike for a variety of reasons.

• The Hangover (2009):

Perhaps the most iconic casino scene to release in theatres is the memorable phase of the hilarious and entertaining comedy, ‘The Hangover’ where four friends head out to Las Vegas for a bachelor party which soon turns into a disaster after they wake up the next morning realizing that they have lost one of their friends due to unknown circumstances after a night where they were apparently drugged.

The three remaining friends played by renowned actors Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms all try to retrace their steps while out in Vegas before stumbling onto a suspicious millionaire who claims to have their missing friend Doug held hostage unless they repay a debt that was stolen during their nightly escapade.

As a means to restore the money and save their friend, Galifianakis’ character named ‘Alan Garner’ aims to play at the Vegas casino tables and wager some major high stakes earnings, with a wide selection of games that can also be enjoyed with the latest online casino gaming listings that are available on DraftKings.

This scene is iconic for many reasons and is still fondly remembered and often replayed from which it is still going viral over ten years after the films initial release,as Alan is able to make back the full amount of the debt through his ingenious betting skills and composure at the table.

The scene features several impressive graphical additions such as the numerous numbers and mathematical symbols that float around Alan’s head while playing Blackjack, as well as several quick cuts and edits that showcase the rush of adrenaline that such an experience provides in real life.

Overall, this scene perfectly encapsulates the feeling of playing at a casino with so much on the line as well as the no risk, no reward phrase that many punters may often aim to standby when stepping up to the table.

• Casino Royale (2006):

The James Bond franchise is known for its action-packed fight scenes and choreography with flashy cars and elegant women, however, this scene from 2006’s Casino Royale received high praise from viewers and critics for allowing Daniel Criag’s interpretation of the beloved spy to take a more methodical approach as he faces off in a heart-racing game of poker against one of the main antagonists of the film ‘Le Chiffre’, who is played by Mads Mikkelsen.

The scene places Bond in a £115million wager, with Le Chiffre even claiming a full house of aces which appeared to be the final nail in the coffin for Bond’s chances of winning.

Although if you’re familiar with the Bond franchise then it is fairly obvious to note that the great spy is often able to get out of any dire situation as in typical James Bond fashion, he is able to gain a straight flush to take home the jackpot.

It’s a scene that is packed with tension and nerves that perfectly showcases that both men have a grave distain for each other that they are willing to temporarily settle at the casino table, rather than the typical gun violence that is often present in a majority of action films.

These scenes help to further develop a character’spersona, intentions and interactions with other prominent members of the film itself, as well as driving the plot further forward towards its climax and changing the entire tone of the films pacing and delivery which is always a welcoming addition to any film and certainly shows the directors key attention to detail which is always greatly appreciated.

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