Words Speak Louder Than the Actions!

Words Speak Louder Than the Actions

Words Speak Louder Than the Actions!

If one person slaps, the other reverts. Yet both of them end fighting and causing destruction to their selves. If one country tries to attack the other, of course, the other one has the answer with those rifles and swords ready. And then? Both of them end up fighting and that loss is not just to one team/person but even the winter loses something or the other… may it be financial or death of any soldiers or something.

All in all, a loss is a loss, whether it’s a small one or a big one. Yet my question is why didn’t they make the use of words? Was that they were short of words or they didn’t have the note of the suitable ones? Neither one of the two is the answer. The answer being we, the people believe in the use of actions. “Actions speak louder than words” is our saying, but I completely disagree with the same.

“Words speak louder than the actions” is the quote that every time reminds me to be vigilant for I don’t commit the vice versa. Doing the opposite, to me, means committing the murder. If not us, then who will use the words and where will we hold the position to live in the world without appropriately using the words. When a child is born, the first thing his parents are intended to do is to teach him to say ‘Mama’ or ‘Papa’. Aw! That’s of course, in other words, the wish/desire of every single parent. Words are of our choice, we decide which word to use when and how.

Similar isn’t the case with those actions, sometimes actions turn out to convey the wrong message. We possess limitations in acting. Henceforth, that is untrue with the words. In our modern-day life, the person who has a good vocabulary and can converse well sitting between four people gains respect from everyone. Yet not the one making good use of actions does.

Words don’t mean penning down on a piece of paper or reading a book. Words are something that defines ourselves, they define us. Words are our strength and also our weakness. Power of well-chosen and correct words Has the power to change…. change a lot! Words display our inner and outer doings to everyone around us. Something with which we express, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, is what we define as “words“, and not actions. It’s not possible that an action, is to be used or maybe done 24/7 to do the things.

Everyone including the blind and deaf can make use of words. To put it another way, I conclude by saying Life is possible by not using those gadgets, even by not performing any actions but completely impossible without the usage of words. Words are our basic actions in our quotidian life. Remembering that words may or may not be correct always, yet these five letters WORDS believe in harmony and politeness.

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