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Afri diyansyah

photo Afri diyansyah - Afri diyansyah

Born in 1976 in Java island. Began professionally publishing a cartoon in 1999.  And until now the
work has been spread in several local and national media such  as Lampung Post, Bola, Tabloid GO,
Suara Pembaruan,  etc. Mostly known as a gag cartoonist, and in period 2002-2007, work unofficially
as cartoon contributor in local media Gema Lampung. After taking some hiatus in 2012-2013, now
continue working as a freelance cartoonist. Some of the work can be seen in a blog:

The list of some cartoon award and exhibition :
2014 – 6th International Tourism Cartoon Competition, Turkey – Honorary Mention
2014 – “Kartunis Beraksi”, Anti-Corruption Cartoon Exhibition, Indonesia
2015 – 11th International Cartoon Contest Syria – Honorary Mention
2016 – tOOns MaG International Cartoon Contest, Norway – Honorable Mention


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