Alfredo Martirena Hernandez

Alfredo Martirena Hernandez
Alfredo Martirena Hernandez was born on October 6, 1965, in Santa Clara. In 1984 he began to work in the humorous weekly publication MELITO, in 1986  won the great prize of the competition 25 AÑOSDE HUMOR DE PALATE. In 1987  he published his first personal book, FROM EAR TO EAR”, with the editorial Pablo de la Torriente, he has also participated in other 10 collective books, one of his pictures was selected to integrate the book published in Italy FUMETTY A CUBA” that picked up the work of 20 contemporary Cuban cartoonist.  
Since he began to work as a cartoonist he has collaborated with the following publications:  
“Juventud Rebelde” newspaper, “Bohemian magazine”; weekly publication “Palante”, “Tribune de la Habana”, “Alma mater”, “Habanera”, among others.  
International publications:  Mexico: “Diariomonitor”, ” CHACAREROS “, Spain: “El Jueves”,””, “Batracio Amarillo” y “Periódico Diagonal”;  Nicaragua: “Nuevo Diario”, and in it USA: “WITTY WORLD” It has been sworn in the Biennial one International of San Antonio of the Bathrooms, some of their drawings were selected for the filminutos elaboration by the ICAIC.  
In  1999, he traveled to Switzerland invited by the ONG, ” Sofonias “, to elaborate a book in comics based on the trajectory of this institution with the I title: “20 YEARS DE SOFONIAS.”  
Alfredo Martirena Hernandez, In 2000 he traveled to Nicaragua, to elaborate a humorous mural in the spa of San Juan of the South, (in the Colonial hotel ). He inaugurated an Exhibition, that same year in Switzerland  I traveled again to that country, this time invited by the gallery IMPULS, to expose 40 of his drawings.  
The foundation of the University of Alcalá de Henares invited him to participate in the delivery of the prize PINCE-NEZES of the year 2001.  
In the recent survey carried out to the specialized press for the edition of the book Los 20 del Siglo 20, he was selected among the caricaturists as the most relevant cartoonist of the Twenty century in Cuba  
He  published a book with the Spanish editorial “El Batracio”, with the title: “HUMOR IN VITRO”, and he  illustrated other infantile ones, for the editorial 33 of that same country, with the  title” HOLA CARACOLA” and “EL PULPO ATAULFO”  
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