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Anatoliy Stankulov

Poster anatoli v metroto Paris - Anatoliy Stankulov
Anatoliy Stankulov, born in December 1956 in Ruse, Bulgaria.
1983-1990 works as an artist, secretary and managing secretary in a number of Bulgarian newspapers and magazines.
1990-1994 publisher and editor-in-chief of “Shut” (jester) humour magazine.
1994-2003 art director in “Julika” advertising agency.
Since 2003 art director of “IMEON-BALKANS” Foundation.
Since 1977 has been publishing cartoons in Bulgarian and European daily and periodical press.
Participant in more than 500 painting and cartoon exhibitions worldwide.
Illustrator of over100 books in various Bulgarian publishers.
Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and FECO- Federation of Cartoonists Organizations.

Solo exhibitions of cartoons:
1984 – House of Students, Sofia
1988 – Sofia Theatre
1989 – Dupnitsa Town Gallery
2006 – Bulgarian Consulate, New York, USA
2006 – Museum Of American Nations, Washington D.C.
2006 – House of Humour, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2008 – D’art Jarden Gallery, Paris, France
2008 – BEOGRADE – Bulgarian Consulate
2010 – Bonn, Germany
2011 – Bonn, Germany
2012 – Bonn, Germany, Bulgarian Consulate
Seventy five awards at international cartoon contests, among them:
1981 “Safety of Labour”, Sofia – First Prize
1985 Yomiuri Contest, Tokyo, Japan – Special Prize
1985 Young Cartoonists, Razgrad, Bulgaria – Third Prize
1985 “Red Laughter”, Bratsigovo, Bulgaria – Second Prize
1989 “Angelo Gallazzi’ Gallery, Ancona, Italy – Award for Cartoon
1990 Mail Art Humourfest, Foligno, Italy – First Prize
1990 “Independence” Contest, Kiev, Ukraine – Second Prize
1993 ‘Arhikatura”, Bratislava, Slovakia – Third Prize
2003 “In Vino Veritas”, Sofia, Bulgaria – First Prize
2004 “What, Switzerland?” Gabrovo-Tun – Third Prize
2004 Argentina – First Prize for political cartoon
2004 “Anti-AIDS” UNESCO – Brazil – First Prize
2005 Nasreddin Hodja, Turkey – Award of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey
2005 Gabrovo, Bulgaria, Biennial of Humour- Award of the Ministry of Culture
2005 Union of Bulgarian Artists, Grand Prize Cartoonist of the Year
2006 Greece, Award of the Ministry of Culture
2006 “Dictatorship of Risk”, Calarashi, Romania – Second Prize
2007 Busteni, Romania – Third Prize
2008 “New Democracy”, Sofia, Bulgaria – First Prize
2011 Bakau, Romania – First Prize
2012 Kubrat, Bulgaria – Second Prize
2012 Vianden, Luksemburg – Third Prize

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