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tOOns MG is an online cartoon magazine. Our mission is promoting freedom of expression through cartoons.
As an online media, tOOns MaG runs by cartoonists for everyone who loves and interested in cartoons.

What tOOns MaG doing?
1. Publishing cartoon daily. Visit
2. Every year since 2015, organizing international cartoon contest and exhibitions.
3. Giving the ‘Cartoonist of the Year Award’ since 2016, an annual award to a cartooning for years best cartoon.  Visit:
4. tOOns MaG has a dedicated community for cartoonists where they are free to share their cartoon and discuss ideas with others cartoonist. There we have around 400 cartoonist members. Visit:
5. Soon we going to announce a ‘Buy & Sell Marketplace’ for Stock Cartoons, Caricatures, Illustration, and service.
We are thinking to be more active worldwide. We need you on our team. The thing becomes always easier when we are all working together hand in hand.
Soon, we are going to announce the tOOns MG Committee for 2017-19. Are you interested in being a member of tOOns MaG Committee for 2017-19? If yes, then Apply for tOOns MG Committee member by filling the form.


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I'm Olivia Inkwell from Toons Mag desk. I post every content that we receive by email. Join me in finding joy in the ordinary and celebrating the beauty of the mundane.

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