Charter of ethical principles

boligan denuncia 1 - Charter of ethical principles

We have already achieved with our denunciations in the call of Pirasicaba include: “The prizes cannot be disputed until one week after the opening of the room, with the corresponding evidence of any irregularity committed without the knowledge of the members of the jury. If fraud or plagiarism is found in any winning work, the prize will be cancelled. Also from Brazil the call for Caratinga.

We hope that other events follow this good example and this good practice. If all the halls and graphic humor events are in favor of these good practices, there will be a before and after in the international scenario of graphic humor.

We need to draft a charter of ethical principles and send it to all international events and make it public, making a call to all, cartoonists, directors of events, organizers in general.

This is our wish and let’s hope also that of many honest colleagues.

If Boligan’s case were to arise, for example, in the music industry, it would be a global scandal. And it’s not just Boligan, but Boligan is the most alarming example at the moment.
Curiously Boligan said this years ago because he had been “copied”:
“I am outraged by plagiarism in any way” ” I hope this case unites us more as a guild” ” let’s stand in line in the face of opportunism and mediocrity”. Today I do not know what Boligan thinks of all this, that he has in the pages of colleague Jualian Pena-Pai the astronomical figure of 210 drawings of dubious originality.

Greetings again, Ajubel (Translated with

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