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World Press Cartoon 2/2 a Antonio Antunes

antonio 1 - World Press Cartoon 2/2 a Antonio Antunes

1st email to Antonio, 6 amyo:

Good night, Antonio,

Have you considered revoking these awards?

It would be a very valuable gesture in favour of good practices.

We understand the situation you are in right now by viewing these attached graphic testimonials. We know of the efforts and resources behind an event of this level.

But many cartoonists believe it is a matter of ethics, salon prestige and respect for the entire community of international cartoonists who do their work honestly.

Thank you very much for your attention,

He greets you cordially and awaits your comments,


PD. If you need more information about me, attached CV)

2nd email to Antonio May 12, 2019:

Hello Antonio,

I am writing to you again because of your responsibility as president of this prestigious competition and as a cartoonist.

I would like to know your opinion regarding the email I sent you privately on 6-5-2019?

For some years I have been contemplating the deterioration of the international panorama in humorous drawing and, although at the beginning I had many doubts whether or not to dedicate part of my time to these subjects, I finally understood that to do nothing was to support bad practices. So here I am, determined to assume my responsibility and fortunately, in this hard “crusade”, accompanied by other concerned colleagues. We are taking measures with the support of some institutions and we hope that this will make this bad practice disappear.

Cuban graphic humor has always been characterized by its richness, both aesthetically and in its contents, in its diversity of styles and approaches. It enjoyed an unquestionable national and international prestige in the last century, which it still maintains. But above all, our humor has always enjoyed good ethical health.

Humor must serve society, to unmask, undress, alert and expose the evidence of all those vices that affect them morally, ethically and socially. Humour is a tool for uncovering sewers. As José Martí said, humor is a whip with bells on the tip. Because humor does not solve, it warns of the shipwreck. It is for this reason and very important that those who raise the whip consciously practice ethics and know the responsibility and commitment that they have with the society that trusts them. And it is impossible to criticize corruption by exercising it.

I don’t think you can defend humor without first cleaning your own house.

Here are some images I didn’t send you.

While waiting for your comments, he greets you cordially,


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antonio - World Press Cartoon. 1/2 a Antonio Antunes

World Press Cartoon. 1/2 a Antonio Antunes

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