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World Press Cartoon. 1/2 a Antonio Antunes

antonio - World Press Cartoon. 1/2 a Antonio Antunes

Antonio Antunes, I am glad that you have finally pronounced yourself, since March 23 I was waiting for an answer to my emails.

Although your clarification is not known to whom it is addressed, I allude and answer you.

As I said, I have written to you on three occasions, all three in private, I have received no reply from you.

On March 23rd I sent you (to you and to other international fairs) information about the problem of plagiarism, coincidences, reporting the alarming case of Angel Boligán with 195 “coincidences”. All this in a tone (as will be seen below) that has never been disrespectful or insulting. And the accusation is more than graphically substantiated.

To my astonishment and that of other colleagues, came the World Press Cartoon 2019 award, surprisingly with two works of dubious originality, as happened in 2012 and 2015 (attached images).

I understand the difficult work and responsibility of being a juror, I have been one once. But when recurring and elementary ideas are rewarded, it is an insult to talent and a lack of respect for the entire community of honest international cartoonists.

By the way, for those who call me envious, like Marilena Nardi, who know that I haven’t been to the World Press Cartoon for about 10 years.

After 46 years of professional career and a few international awards and recognitions, I know very well the difference between a recurring idea, a similarity, and a common element. And I insist that in Boligan’s case, many of the drawings are plagiarisms of other colleagues.

I am grateful that you want to share with us how juries are selected, but the results are there. You can justify it as you understand it best, but the results (and not only in World Press) show that professionalism to which you refer.

I also don’t think that it has been said that they act in bad faith, nor have we ever questioned the good person, what we are denouncing are the bad practices of a person who I don’t know or care if he is a bad or a good person. It’s not the issue I’m dealing with.

We have decided to report this because I believe that these practices of people like Boligan damage the credibility of our profession. We believe that something must be done. To look the other way, in some way, is to allow these practices, is to allow spaces where some, without effort or talent, go up and gain prestige and money with the ideas of others. And, of course, to reward them is to encourage them to follow these practices.

We have already managed to get them to start taking measures in the Pirasicaba competition. We hope that the other events will follow this good example and good practices.

The site serves us all as a reference library of what is being done worldwide in our profession and above all, for consultation of juries of graphic humor and organizers responsible for these events at the international level. This page is the effort of another colleague, Julian Pena-pai and other international collaborators concerned, among other things, for the ethics of our profession. It is a good starting point.

Greetings, Ajubel

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