Rules & Prizes

We are happy to announce Cartoonist of The Year Submission for 2020 going on. You are welcome to submit your cartoons.

  • Any cartoonist from any country can submit their entries.
  • The theme of 2020 is Mother Earth.
  • Any person will able to vote for their favorite cartoons.
  • The most voted cartoon will be the Cartoon of the Year, and the cartoonist will receive the Cartoonist of the Year Award. The winner will receive prize money and certificates.
  • Every participant will get access to the digital Cartoon Book.
  • The most voted 50 cartoonists will receive the digital certificates.
  • Award: The prize is PTS 2,000 or 2,000 Norwegian Kroner

The most voted cartoons by public votes will appear on the Top 10 list. From the Top 10 list, the top 1 position holder cartoon will receive the Cartoonist of the Year Award, and rest 50 cartoonists will receive the Honorable Mention Award. The winner's name will display on the Top 10 list.


  • Submissions will begin on the 1st of January 2020.
  • Voting will begin on the 1st of April 2020.
  • Voting and submissions will end on the 16th of December 2020. 
  • The results will announce on the 20th of December 2020.

Cartoonist Of The Year Award is an Annual Award by Toons Mag​. Deadline for participating in 1st of December 2019. The prize is PTS 2,000

Terms and conditions

  • You have to over the age of 18.
  • You must signup, or log in to your Toons Mag account to submit the entries.
  • You can upload a maximum of 5 entries.
  • The artwork must be new and drawn in the year 2020.
  • Your artwork should be original and related to the theme (Copy work is not accepted).
  • You are not allowed to submit third-person's artwork.
  • Each entry you should submit with a title (Artwork with "No Title" or "No Comment" is not accepted).
  • Your submitted entries will be approved automatically. 
  • You are free to share the link with your friends and ask for voting for your entries.
  • Only one cartoonist will be awarded to the Cartoonist of the Year.
  • The selection will be in a democratic way. So, Toons Mag's visitors will select the "Cartoonist of the year 2020" by voting.
  • By submitting your cartoon you giving access to Toons Mag to publish your cartoon to promote the event.
  • The selected artwork will publish in the Cartoon Book and can be exhibited.
  • By submitting your entry, you giving the rights to Toons Mag to publish your artwork to promote the event.
  • If we find your entry is inappropriate or goes against our terms of conditions, then Toons Mag reserve the right to inactive your entries for the contest.
  • If you change your mind and want to withdraw your entry from the contest, then you have to do before starting the voting period. Once public voting started, suddenly you can not request for deletion of your entry.
  • Toons Mag reserved the right to change the deadlines or conditions.


  • You have to click on the "Vote now button" for voting.
  • Anyone will able to vote, one vote for one entry.
  • You can vote for your entries.
  • You can vote for as many cartoons as you like best.
  • Anyone from any country will able to vote for the cartoons.
  • IP address vote protected, so one vote for one entry from one IP address.
  • Each guest voter needs to confirm the vote by email.
  • The top ten entries will display automatically by the user's vote.
  • The most voted entry will be the winner.


  1. Read Cartoonist of The Year FAQ
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  3. File a complaint in the Forum
  4. Contact us if you have any questions