Coronavirus Cartoon Collection

Coronavirus Cartoon Collection: The strange situation regards the pandemic has created an entire new culture with which to create cartoons around. I am obsessed, and…I hope these bring some levity in a scary time. See also: Cartoons from the time of Corona and Virus Cartoon Challenge, March – April 2020 (Open list) (20 submissions)

Breaking Coronavirus News

Breaking Coronavirus News Coronavirus Cartoon Collection

Cartoon: Breaking Coronavirus News. See also: Wrestling

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Comforting myself

Comforting myself Cartoon

Cartoon: Comforting myself.

See also: Trump on the mask

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Cover Lady

Cover Lady Cartoon

Cartoon: Cover Lady.

See also: Stay home.

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Mask looks great

EEMaskFat edited 1 - Mask looks great

Cartoon: Mask looks great. See also: Trump on the mask

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Finally have time

Finally have time Cartoon

I finally, have time.

See also: We are the same

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ABC69EB0 AA5C 4865 8530 D1C4625C1C9E scaled - Furniture in a box: “Unfair”

Furniture in a box: “Unfair”

Our life in the time of coronavirus Cartoon

Our life in the time of Coronavirus