Draw Horse Heads and Faces, Easy Tutorial, 17 Steps

#11 Step 11, Horse bottom part of the mouth

Horse bottom part of the mouth

Horse bottom part of the mouth

Here you will draw the bottom part of the mouth, and then draw in the nostril holes along with the definition down the muzzle and along the top of the muzzle. See also: Step 17, done the horse head and face.

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      #12 Step 12, draw out the shapes

      draw out the shapes Cartoon

      Draw out the shapes

      We will now use the facial guidelines to draw out the shapes of your horse's eyes. Color them in solid leaving a bit of white behind. Once that is done you can sketch out the detailing on the forehead and around the eye area. Don't forget the lashes for the eye to the left. Learn also: How to Draw an Anime Cartoon Puppy, Easy 5 Steps

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          #13 Step 13, shapes of the ears

          shapes of the ears Cartoon

          Shapes of the ears

          All you have to do here is draw in the shapes of the ears and then draw the tuft of hair that rest on top of the horse's head between the ears. See also: Step 4, Type of horse heads.

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              #14 Step 14, detailing to the ears

              detailing to the ears

              Detailing to the ears

              Go ahead and add detailing to the ears and then sketch out the rest of the horse's beautiful mane. Add detailing to the mane to give it that hair look. Once that is done you can proceed to the next step. See also: Step 13, shapes of the ears.

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                  #15 Step 15, shape of the horse’s neck

                  shape of the horse's neck

                  Shape of the horse's neck

                  Finally, sketch out the shape of the horse's neck. You will also need to add detailing to this area as well. Erase the guides and mistakes before leaving this step. See also: Step 14, detailing to the ears.

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